3 June 2020


Latin America
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Written by: Eduardo Pasquel, Communications director

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ANAFAM is composed of 28 companies, which together make up a workforce of over 20,000 employees. One of ANAFAM’s major objectives is that in Mexico the principle active ingredients (API's) necessary for the production of all drugs is manufactured in the country.
     Also, because today biotech drugs have become an important option for the treatment of many of the most serious diseases, ANAFAM we have established a solid commitment to the purpose of promoting the I&D, as well as production bio comparable for biotech and throughout Mexico and other countries. 
     Another of the fundamental purposes of the laboratories that are part of ANAFAM is to be involved and support our facilities and quality systems, which are at the forefront, which will allowed the consumer’s confidence. 
     Aware of the importance of preserving our environment, companies in ANAFAM we continue to make a significant investment of resources in order to prevent pollution and to develop industrial activities to protect nature. 
     ANAFAM insists on enforcing the regulations in order to avoid health risks in addition to promoting an environment of fair competition. 
     We affirm that: it is necessary that policies regarding industrial property and the right balance to ensure our people’s innovation in health and universal access to medicines. 
     Because our commitment lies in forming companies with high ethical standards, we have integrated the Board of Ethics and Transparency of the Pharmaceutical Industry (CETIFARMA), while sign and take the principles contained in the Code of Ethics and Transparency in the Pharmaceutical Industry.









May 12th, 1945


Key People:

Alfredo Rimoch (President)

Luis Jorge Pérez Juárez (Vice-president)

Oscar Osorio (Vicepresidente)

Guillermo Funes (Secretary)

Ho-Chi Vega (treasurer)

No. Of members/listings:



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