Managing Director for Digital Health

I am the Managing Director – Digital Health responsible for the provision of Information Management and Technology at the Calderdale and Huddersfield NHS Foundation Trust (CHFT) and also Managing Director of The Health Informatics Service a hosted provider of Information Management and Information Technology services (IM&T) to other care organisations right across the NHS. 

I am currently delivering the Digital Strategy for CHFT, an ambitious IT enabled modernisation programme designed to transform the way in which the Trust and its partners provide high quality care to patients. The programme included the development and implementation of an Electronic Patient Record (EPR) deployed in conjunction with Bradford Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust. CHFT implemented in May 2017 this was the first deployment of this scale in the UK.  

I joined the NHS and The Health Informatics Service as the Chief Operating Officer in January 2009, following a successful career with the retail company Marks and Spencer. I served in a number of senior management positions in many regional and flagship stores across England.

Within my broader sphere of NHS responsibility, I am always keen to use my knowledge from the retail sector to improve commercial acumen, market awareness and customer service. I believe that over recent years my leadership skills in this area have paid dividends as The Health informatics Service continues to increase market share and achieve financial balance / surplus year on year. 

My ability to learn and adjust to a rapidly changing environment has without doubt been an integral part of my personal success, the success of the modernisation programme and the success of The Health Informatics Service as a commercial entity.

I have also been recognised as a Master of Science by Leeds University having successfully completed a course of study in Health Informatics.  My most recent accolade was being awarded CIO of the year at the Digital Heath 2019 digital leadership awards.