Robert Tennant earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from Ambassador University. In 1993, Tennant started an IT services company focused on IT networking and custom software development. He sold the company in 1999 and spent time traveling before moving on to a new IT venture at the onset of the new millennium.

In 2000, he founded another IT services company, this time focusing on health care advisory and IT services. He stood at the helm until selling in 2009, at which time he joined a national consulting firm focused on leading healthcare provider organizations into Value-Based Care (VBC), delivery.

Over the years following, Tennant held various healthcare IT consulting leadership roles, including time as an Executive Heath Care Consultant and VP of Value-Based Care. The focus on VBC, Tennant says, comes from a strong foundation of customer service along with a belief that health care organizations should anticipate and listen to consumers’ needs while measuring success by their ability to deliver the best health outcomes at the lowest possible cost.

Tennant has worked as a consultant for Legacy since 2014, and officially came on board with the organization in 2019.