Apr 6, 2021

AccentCare deploys AI tool to prevent hospital readmissions

Leila Hawkins
2 min
AccentCare deploys AI tool to prevent hospital readmissions
Healthcare provider AccentCare has started using Jvion's AI solution to prevent avoidable hospital readmissions...

AccentCare, a healthcare provider based in Dallas, has started deploying a clinical artificial intelligence (AI) solution that is preventing avoidable readmissions to hospital based on social determinants of health. 

The healthcare organisation, which provides post-acute care in 29 US states, will use technology from Jvion, a leader in clinical AI. Their AI CORE solution provides information on how social determinants drive patients’ risk of readmission, as well as recommendations for patient-centric interventions to address these risk drivers. 

Jvion's tool provides insights on the social, economic, environmental and behavioural factors driving patient risk, and recommends evidence-based interventions to address them. In a recent study Jvion undertook they found that CORE could reduce a hospital's readmission rate by 25%. 

“Social determinants of health are often practically invisible to providers, leaving a blind spot in their efforts to reduce readmissions and other adverse health outcomes" Dr. John Showalter, Chief Product Officer at Jvion said. 

"Our clinical AI brings relevant social determinants to light and advises clinicians on how to address them. In addition to improving patient outcomes, Jvion’s insights can help address operational concerns like care and case management workload balancing.”

Dr. Anna Loengard, the Chief Medical Officer at AccentCare, added that deploying AI will enable them to understand the complexity of their patients. “At AccentCare, we help manage high risk patients when they are most vulnerable — as they transition from the acute setting to the home with continued need for nursing and/or therapy services” she said. 

“As a former customer of Jvion, I knew their AI-enabled identification and recommendations would help us focus our attention and resources so we can keep patients safe and appropriately supported through these transitions. Readmissions are a systemic failure, and a risk for our patients. Jvion’s insights will also enhance us operationally by helping us understand the complexity of our admissions geographically and balance the caseload of our home health teams." 

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Jun 21, 2021

Dubai's new smart neuro spinal hospital: need to know

2 min
The brand new Neuro Spinal Hospital and Radiosurgery Centre has opened in Dubai. We take a look at what this smart hospital offers. 

We take a look at Dubai's new smart hospital. 

What: The Neuro Spinal Hospital and Radiosurgery Centre is a new hospital featuring state-of-the-art technology for spinal, neurosurgical, neurological, orthopaedic, radiosurgery and cancer treatments. The 700 million AED hospital, (equivalent to £138 million), has 114 beds, smart patient rooms, and green spaces for patient rehabilitation, and is four times the capacity of its former premises in Jumeirah.   It is also the UAE’s first hospital to have surgical robots. 

Where: The hospital is located in the Dubai Science Park. Founded in 2005,  Dubai Science Park is home to more than 350 companies from multinational corporations in life sciences, biotechnology and research; over 4,000 people work here each day. 

Who: The UAE's Neuro Spinal Hospital and Radiosurgery Centre was first established in Jumeirah in 2002 by Dr. Abdul Karim Msaddi, as the first as the first "super-specialty" neuroscience hospital. 

Why: With advanced diagnosis and robotics, the hospital will provide care across neuroscience, spine, orthopaedics and oncology for people residing in the UAE, as well as international patients.  

Prof. Abdul Karim Msaddi, Chairman and Medical Director of the hospital, said: “We are proud to bring world-class healthcare services to Dubai and believe our  next-generation hospital will be a game-changer for the emirate’s and the region’s medical industry.

"It will not only significantly increase the availability of specialist neuroscience and radiosurgery treatments and provide better patient care but help attract and develop local and international talent. Investing in the new centre represents our continued faith in the resilience of the region’s economy, as well as a testament to our ongoing drive towards healthcare innovation in the UAE.”

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