May 17, 2020

Antidepressants taken by one in 10 European adults

European adults
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Antidepressant use 'concerning'
Ten percent of all middle-aged people in Europe took antidepressants in 2010, according to a new survey. The highest rate of antidepressant dependence...

Ten percent of all middle-aged people in Europe took antidepressants in 2010, according to a new survey.

The highest rate of antidepressant dependence was found to be in Portugal, which was closely followed by the UK and Lithuania.

Rates of antidepressant usage in the latter two countries were described by researchers as higher than normal and overall they said the results were concerning.

Findings also revealed that incidences of antidepressant usage were more common in women who were unemployed and divorced or separated.


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The study was carried out by the University of Warwick who worked in partnership with IZA Institute in Bonn and over 30,000 European adults were the subjects of the study.

Andrew Oswald from the University of Warwick said in a media interview: “As we live in the richest and safest era in the history of humans, perhaps we are going to have to ask ourselves why one in ten of Europe’s middle-aged citizens need a pill to cope with life.”

“That is an awful lot of people relying on chemical happiness.”

The researchers believe that the results mirror the theory that people experience a ‘U-turn’ in regards to their happiness and well being.

The theory states that at the beginning and end of their lives people are fairly contented and settled but during their middle years they can become stressed at home and work which could lead to a mid-life crisis. 

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May 24, 2021

Schneider Electric's intelligent patient room: need to know

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We take a look at Schneider Electric's new smart patient room. 

Schneider Electric has launched a virtual showcase that features its new "intelligent patient room". What is it exactly? 

Who: Schneider Electric is a multinational that develops energy and automation solutions for many different industries - including hospitality, education, defence, and healthcare. Founded in 1836, today it is a Fortune 500 company, and it currently provides technology to 40% of hospitals around the world, among them Penn Medicine, one of the top hospitals in the US where Schneider's EcoStruxure for Healthcare is deployed, an IoT solution. 

What: Schneider has launched its Innovation Experience Live Healthcare Lab, an immersive experience that takes visitors through a demonstration of a hospital, including the doctor’s office, the operating room, and the intelligent patient room. 

The room features a digital patient footwall - a touchscreen that creates a single reference point for patients, families and healthcare providers, by incorporating care information, entertainment and environmental controls all in one place.  A separate digital patient door display has important information for healthcare staff. 

All Schneider's equipment is low-voltage, and integrated so that the patient room, clinical needs and IT are all seamlessly connected, what Schneider calls a digital “system of systems.”

Why:  Mike Sanders, Customer Projects & Services in Healthcare Innovation at Schneider Electric, explains: “The hospital of the future will need to put the patient experience at the forefront, using innovative and connected systems to provide superior in-hospital care experiences.” 

“With the shift to remote work and business brought forth by the pandemic, we knew that we needed to invest in a new virtual experience that showcases our vision for a truly integrated healthcare experience. We believe our intelligent patient room is the solution that our healthcare partners and customers have been looking for, and we’re excited to offer a way for them to experience it no matter where they are in the world.”

Where: The virtual experience was modelled after the new innovations installed at Penn Medicine in Philadelphia, the first real-world installation of Schneider Electric’s fully integrated intelligent patient room technology. It is currently being hosted at the company’s St. Louis Innovation Hub and Innovation Executive Briefing Center (IEBC) facility.  

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