May 17, 2020

CHUM: Montreal’s international health centre

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Located in the heart of Quebecs largest city, the CHUM is an international reference for academic medicine and research. Its health research center (CRC...

Located in the heart of Quebec’s largest city, the CHUM is an international reference for academic medicine and research.  Its health research center (CRCHUM) is the largest in the university network.

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Born from the merger of three founding hospitals (Hotel Dieu, Hopital St. Luc, and Hopital Notre-Dame) medical education and research has always been at the heart of its mission and vision.  The hospital is now undergoing an extensive transformation towards a new teaching hospital facility and fulfilling its goal of becoming a major academic health center renowned worldwide.

The redevelopment project consists of three construction phases spanning a 10 year period.  It is a complex redevelopment project in the city center, near Old Montreal, and has been procured under a 34 year private-public partnership (P3) agreement.  The new CHUM is a state-of-the-art academic medical center that will include 772 beds, 39 operating rooms, a cancer center, a research center and an education simulation center.

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Phase 1

The CHUM Research Centre and Integrated Education Centre is contiguous to the new health center complex.  It would not exist without the hospital. Conversely, the CHUM would not be an international academic medical center without the research and education facilities.

Contributing closely to the five components of CHUM’s mission—care, teaching, research, health promotion and evaluation of technologies—today, more than 360 researchers and almost 450 students contribute to the large-scale production and international reputation of the center.

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In March 2010, the approval was given for the construction of a new research center—preceding the construction of the new CHUM.

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