May 17, 2020

Spire Healthcare rejects Mediclinic takeover, sales soar

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Catherine Sturman
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Spire Healthcare
Recent news that UK based Spire Health has rejected South African group Mediclinic’s cash and stock offer has led shares to soar by over 10%.


Recent news that UK based Spire Health has rejected South African group Mediclinic’s cash and stock offer has led shares to soar by over 10%.

Established back in 2007, Spire Health has 39 hospitals under its umbrella, as well as 10 clinics and two specialist cancer care centres across the UK. With nearly 4,000 consultants, it is one of the leading private healthcare companies in the country.

Mediclinic is currently the company’s largest shareholder at around 30%, but this could be set to be overhauled following this refusal. The company has reportedly claimed to be now “considering its position,” regarding the matter.

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It currently operates a number of private hospitals across Africa, Europe and the UAE, but the possible acquisition of Spire would open up further revenue and provider an increased market presence in the UK.

The company could be set to revise its bid for Spire, and has led to growing interest surrounding Spire’s long -term potential in the UK healthcare market.

At present, Spire has responded to state that Mediclinic’s offer, where it has valued Spire at 300p per share, to be heavily undervaluing what Spire can offer patients and stakeholders long-term despite current economic uncertainties.

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Mar 30, 2021

LG launches purpose-built smart TV for hospitals

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Leila Hawkins
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LG launches purpose-built smart TV for hospitals
LG's new smart TVs have been designed to safely improve the patient experience...

LG Business Solutions USA has announced two new hospital TVs that are designed to improve patient management and engagement while adhering to critical safety standards for healthcare facilities.

One of the TVs is LG's biggest ever screen for a hospital - the 65-inch 4K Ultra HD model. It has LG’s NanoCell display technology, enabling it to display vivid pictures, and provides built-in support for hospital pillow speakers and embedded broadband LAN capability, so hospitals can deliver video on demand without requiring a separate set-top box in the patient room.

 It also includes configuration software with an intuitive interface for setting up the TV to work in a hospital setting, plus a software-enabled access point feature that turns the TV into a Wi-Fi hotspot. 

The second TV screen is the 15-inch Personal Healthcare Smart Touch TV with a multi-touch screen. It is designed to be installed on an adjustable arm for use in shared spaces or smaller patient rooms and will support LG's new, modular LG AM-AC21EA video camera, and HD video communication.

Both include support for video conferencing, and are UL Certified for use in healthcare facilities, a global safety standard. They also feature LG’s integrated Pro:Centric hospital management solutions, allowing hospitals and LG’s patient engagement development partners to personalise a patient's room, providing entertainment, hospital information, services, patient education, and more. 

Additionally its communication platform makes it possible to conduct video calls between patients and clinicians or family.

“Our newest LG hospital TVs reflect ongoing feedback from the industry and include capabilities integrated to meet the unique needs of a critical market” said Tom Mottlau, Director of Healthcare Solutions, LG Electronics USA.

“Our healthcare patient engagement development partners requested an upgradable version of webOS for our Pro:Centric smart TV platform so they could more easily introduce new features for their hospital customers. For the latest versions of webOS, LG worked closely with our partners to make their request a reality and to deliver a hospital TV platform that can evolve over time.”

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