Managing Director for Digital Health

Mandy Griffin is the Managing Director of Digital Health at the trust and The Health Informatics Service (THIS). However, her background is not in healthcare as she has spent more of her career working in retail, largely for the retail chain Marks & Spencer. 

She says she began working for the NHS "by pure fluke" as the Chief Operating Officer for The Health Informatics Service. Six years later, she was appointed interim Director of Informatics for Calderdale and Huddersfield NHS Foundation Trust. 

Now, as the Managing Director of Digital Health, she covers the whole of digital strategy, the trust as well as THIS. 

She describes her leadership style as very inclusive. "It's a style that I probably needed when I entered the NHS, because coming from the private sector, having no public sector or technology experience, I needed to draw on other people's expertise in order to do my job really well" she says. "Having that inclusive style not only helped me but also empowered others to really be able to make decisions and do a more meaningful job. 

"I operate an open door policy because I believe making sure you're accessible, not just to your immediate line but to people across the organisation, is really important. I encourage my team to keep people well informed, and we communicate regularly. Keeping in touch with the workforce is really important, and I think I play that role with my immediate team, and I would expect the same of them."

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