Director of Digital Transformation and Innovation for Ireland

For a large part of his career, Martin Curley has been working in the private technology sector, in leadership roles at Intel Corporation and Mastercard, among others. He first joined the public sector in 2018 as Chief Information Officer of the HSE. Subsequently he was appointed Director of Digital Transformation and Innovation to drive the digital transformation of the Irish healthcare system. He continues to strive to accelerate the adoption of digital solutions to transform the healthcare service. 

He found joining the public sector after many years working for tech companies as a big change, saying, "it's quite a culture shock when you come into the public sector but there are lots of really good people working there. What we found working in digital transformation and innovation is that combining the strengths of the public sector and the private sector together, we are actually able to deliver far more than we can do on our own." 

As a leader, Curley says he likes to lead from the front. "Armchair generals are not that successful. I try to create a vision that people will buy into and help me co-evolve. I hope I try to empower and encourage." He adds that discipline is also important, and the team has daily stand up meetings to track progress and make sure they're reaching their goals. 

He says he is "lucky to have a fantastic team. We've also been building a broad network of supporters across the HSE." Curley will lead a Digital Health stream at the upcoming United Nations General Assembly Science summit helping drive progress around digital health transformations.

Curley names several leaders who have inspired him, ex Intel CEO’s Moore, Grove and Barrett and currently CEO Pat Gelsinger.  

"Also particularly ex- CEO Paul Otellini, who sadly passed away a couple of years ago. He was a brilliant leader who also saw the social impact of technology and created a vision that was not just about profit-making but about transforming the lives of everybody on the planet through technology. That really inspired me. Working in the healthcare business, you have to be a bit altruistic; it's not about profit, it's about doing good and making lives better for people."


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