Mar 14, 2020

Amidst COVID-19, new Shapiro+Raj survey shows news media and

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CHICAGO, March 13, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- News, advice and tr...

CHICAGO, March 13, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- News, advice and trends around Covid-19 are shifting by the day.  The media and government, not always the most trusted institutions, are trying to keep us informed and encouraging us to take responsible precautions.  While their shortcomings have limited effects on daily life, a new survey shows the negative impact this trust gap can breed when challenges like these arise. 

Shapiro+Raj surveyed 577 people, practically all of whom were aware of coronavirus.  About 58% said they are concerned about its potential impact on them and their family, while 24% showed little to no concern.  Roughly 51% said they have changed their lifestyle because of Covid-19, most in basic ways like being more hygienic (70% washing hands longer, using more hand sanitizer) and socially distancing themselves (55% staying home, avoiding crowded places). 

In terms of the media's handling of Covid-19, about 39% think they are doing a very good job (media-positives) while 37% think they are doing a fair/poor job (media-negatives).  Among people who term as media-positive, 63% have changed their lifestyle.  But that figure drops to 38% among the media-negative.  We also see far higher hygiene and social distancing rates in the media-positive group, who are also 400% more likely to feel an intense perceived risk compared to media-negatives.

The survey also found differences based on government performance ratings (federal, state and local).  About 34% feel they're doing a good job while 30% say the opposite.  Among government-positives, 57% made a lifestyle change compared to 51% of the government-negative folks.  Also, 21% of government positive people feel at definite risk of exposure versus 12% of government negative folks.  The good news is that both groups have similar incidence of taking both hygienic and social precautions.

"This like many other national challenges requires us to come together as a community," said Zain Raj, Chairman and CEO of Shapiro+Raj.  "All institutions need to build trust, which is about deeds and not words, so we feel empowered to act as one and solve big problems as soon as possible."

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