Feb 26, 2020

The Animal Health & Feed Zone of CPhI China 2020 to be held

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SHANGHAI, Feb. 25, 2020 /PRNewswire/ --

SHANGHAI, Feb. 25, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- The Animal Health & Feed Zone of CPhI China to be held at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC) from June 22-24, 2020 will focus on top concerns of animal health enterprises. 

90% of the total antibiotics in the world are consumed in food-source animals annually, making issues like antimicrobial resistance and drug residue increasingly prominent. The WHO predicts that the drug-resistant bacterial problem will cause 24 million people to plunge into extreme disease pain by 2030.

China has made the National Action Plan to Contain Antimicrobial Resistance (2016-2020) to improve the scientific application and management level of antimicrobial agent. Furthermore, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of China released announcements in May and July 2019, requiring that veterinary drug (VD) manufacturers should further implement data traceability in a comprehensive and regulated manner, to strengthen VD risk control; and comprehensively implement "prohibited, restricted and no use of antibiotics" in China and prohibit antibiotics in feed to decrease the danger due to antibiotics abuse.

China's animal health industry has become the second-largest market in the world after the U.S. However, to follow closely the VD industry's speed of change and achieve healthy, independent development, independent R&D, API innovation, process improvement and quality and safety levels of VD products are especially important.

The exhibition will gather Chinese and overseas quality VD and feed enterprises like CAHIC (E7E22), Shandong Luxi Animal Medicine (E7E02), Hebei Veyong (E7D02), Shandong Shengli (W1E36), and Lifecome Biochemistry (E2B28), etc. They'll together showcase feedstuff and additives, veterinary APIs, biological products, formulations and diagnostic reagents, etc.


Antibiotic prohibition is a challenge but an opportunity as well. Some enterprises that have prepared and possessing ideas have quietly risen to seize the industry's early opportunities: Shandong Longchang Animal Health Product (E7D16), a well-deserved "antibiotic substitution pioneer", sticks to developing green, safe and efficient feed additives, and its bile acid product can protect liver and gall health and promote fat digestion and absorption; Lifecome Biochemistry (E2B28) focuses on improving intestinal immunity of livestock, and its bacitracin zinc premix and bacitracin methylene disalicylate premix are mainly used for downstream animal husbandry and breeding industry as medical feed additives, with good effects on promoting livestock growth and preventing animal intestinal diseases...Over a hundred local and overseas VD & feed enterprises will showcase their innovation products and technology onsite.

The Animal Health & Feed Zone will share 75,000+ visits of Chinese and overseas buyers from 140+ countries and regions with CPhI China in 2020. Upon the CPhI China's unique advantage of full industry chain coverage, the Animal Health & Feed Zone will join hands with the concurrent "Natural Extracts" Zone, to focus on reduction of veterinary antimicrobial agents and data traceability, etc. and promote the animal health industry to achieve healthy, sustainable development. Government regulators, professionals and decision-makers of Chinese VD, breeding stock and feed enterprises will also be present to interpret industry policies and regulations, explore how to integrate quality innovation and R&D resources and produce high-quality and differentiated animal health products and talk about the VD and feed industry's sustainable future.

Visitor pre-registration is now on. Register now to save RMB100 onsite and join the grand industry gala.

For more information, visit official website: https://www.cphi-china.cn/animal/en

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