Sep 15, 2020

Attralus Presents Preclinical and Clinical Data at 17th Inte

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SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., Sept. 14, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Attralus, a biopharmaceutical company focused on illuminating the systemic nature of amyloidosis and creating transformative medicines to improve the lives of patients, today presented both preclinical and clinical data that offer insights into the diagnosis and treatment of systemic amyloidosis at the 17th International Symposium on Amyloidosis (ISA2020) taking place virtually from September 14-18, 2020.

"We are excited to share a range of robust data addressing systemic amyloidosis at the 17th International Symposium on Amyloidosis," said Spencer Guthrie, CEO of Attralus. "In partnership with Dr. Jonathan Wall and his colleagues at the University of Tennessee, we see progress in the advancement of science through our pan-amyloid targeting agents for patients living with the devastating and debilitating effects of systemic amyloidosis. Through this research, we see the opportunity to improve patient lives by developing novel therapeutics to potentially reverse the underlying pathology of a range of systemic amyloid diseases while detecting the disease earlier and more comprehensively through visualizing whole-body involvement."

AT-01: Novel Pan-Amyloid Targeting Diagnostic
Data presented by Attralus demonstrate Phase 1/2 clinical progress on AT-01 – a novel polybasic peptide radiotracer imaging agent on the whole-body amyloid detection in multiple amyloidosis subtypes. Preliminary data show safety and efficacy of AT-01 as a pan-amyloid imaging agent that binds to many forms of amyloid, including AL in the heart, kidneys, liver, spleen and lungs, and ATTR in the heart, connective tissue in the hands and spine, nerves and lungs – demonstrating the potential for AT-01 to serve as a first-in-class diagnostic for a range of systemic amyloid diseases. Through AT-01, amyloid was visualized in the hearts of AL and ATTR patients who have pre-symptomatic cardiac disease, potentially enabling earlier diagnosis of patients prior to the onset of symptoms.  

AT-02: Novel Peptide-Immunoglobulin Fusion
Data presented from several preclinical studies of AT-02 focus on the excellent binding potential of the novel peptide-Ig fusion to multiple subtypes of systemic amyloidosis, including AL and ATTR, as well improved ability to induce phagocytosis as compared to an active control of a standard anti-amyloid antibody. Additional preclinical data demonstrate insights into novel approaches to remove tissue amyloid by inducing clearance by cells of the innate immune system with the potential to create a new class of pan-amyloid therapeutics.

Insights into Systemic Amyloidosis
Other research presented by Attralus at ISA2020 demonstrate insights into a novel approach to remove tissue amyloid, as well as a new potential model for the comparative analysis of amyloid-reactive biologics.

Attralus ISA2020 poster presentations include:

  • Poster PT001
    Title: Preliminary Data on the Safety and Efficacy of a Novel PET Radiotracer, 124I-p5+14, for Imaging Patients with AL Amyloidosis; Wall, Jonathan, et al.
  • Poster PT046
    Title: Dynamic biodistribution of 124I-p5+14 in patients with AL amyloidosis; Stuckey, Alan, et al.
  • Poster PM063
    Title: Biodistribution of Novel PET Radiotracer, 124I-p5+14, in Patients with ATTR and ALECT2 Amyloidosis; Wall, Jonathan, et al.
  • Poster PM053
    Title: Synthesis and Evaluation of a Novel Peptide-Immunoglobulin Fusion for Targeting Systemic Amyloid Deposits; Wall, Jonathan, et al.
  • Poster PM041
    Title: Analysis of the distribution of amyloid reveals discrete patterns of organ involvement; Martin, Emily, et al.
  • Poster PM031
    Title: Amyloid binding and opsonization properties of a novel peptope-antibody complex; Kennel, Stephen, et al.
  • Poster PM030
    Title: Collagen addition to synthetic amyloid fibrils presents a "don't eat me" signal that prevents macrophage phagocytosis; Foster, J.S., et al.
  • Poster PM001
    Title: Validation of a novel model for the comparative analysis of amyloid-reactive biologicals using a single mouse; Heidel, R.E., et al.

For more information on the meeting, data and to view the full program, please visit the ISA2020 website

About Attralus
Attralus is a biopharmaceutical company focused on illuminating the systemic nature of amyloidosis and creating transformative medicines to improve the lives of patients. The company's proprietary peptide-based pan-amyloid targeting agents have the potential to diagnose and treat all forms and stages of systemic amyloidosis. Attralus is focused on targeting the commonalities in all systemic amyloidosis diseases, with the goal of developing treatments for all subtypes of amyloidosis, including the majority in which there are currently no treatment options. Attralus is headquartered in South San Francisco and was founded in 2019 with funding from venBio Partners. For more information, visit Attralus online and on Twitter.


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