Apr 7, 2020

Caviarlieri: The World's Only Caviar Food Supplement with th

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SINGAPORE, April 7, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Encapsulating the p...

SINGAPORE, April 7, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Encapsulating the potent bioactive nutrients of Caviar into a supplement has been a dream and a formidable challenge for the Anti-Aging Medical World for several decades. Caviarlieri Limited, through its global panel of Anti-Aging medical experts has been able to create after 20 years of intensive research, this Age-Defying Caviar Supplement, Caviarlieri.

Unprecedented in its potency, the rare Sturgeon black caviar is rich in essential fatty acids and contains unique active pharmaceutical ingredients (API). Manufactured using its proprietary Swiss Cold DNA Extraction technology "Cellularix", Caviarlieri contains the potent Caviar Cellular DNA Extracts and effective bioactive Marine peptides resulting in a supplement, unparalleled in energy, vitality and beauty.

Unlike other food supplements, Caviarlieri provides essential nutrition directly at the cellular level, thereby enabling its optimal absorption into the cells because of its bioavailability. These caviar proteins and peptides are able to easily enter into the cells, triggering enhanced cell activity and stimulation, resulting in immense energy, ageless performance, enhanced vitality and timeless beauty.

Backed by extensive research, Caviarlieri has scientific studies which are published in peer-reviewed journals. It also has a empirical double blind placebo controlled studies on its key ingredients. Further research is still ongoing in the US, Switzerland and Europe on genetic expression in key biomarkers which defy the aging process.

Researched, developed and made in Switzerland, Caviarlieri works on multiple levels of the human body and its benefits are diverse, extensive and its effects vary among individuals. Almost all of our customers are unanimous when they report improved energy levels, better sleep quality, enhanced skin complexion, significant reduction in joint pain, mood elevation, increased sexual desire and libido.

"Cell Regeneration is activated in Caviarlieri," said Dr. med. Brigitte Bollinger, Specialist FMH for Dermatology, Medical Center Bad Ragaz, Switzerland. "It can produce outstanding results in areas like strengthening the immune system, reducing chronic inflammation significantly, alleviating metabolic syndrome, improving physical stamina, providing faster recuperation after exercise, improving mental focus, enhancing sexual performance, satisfaction and many more."

Caviarlieri is clinically proven to accelerate cellular renewal and repair versus damaged or dysfunctional immune cells and potentially help to strengthen our immune system against viruses and diseases. Its powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties can prevent cell damage, enhance our immune responses and effectively combat inflammation.

Caviarlieri is available in most exclusive luxury Spas and Medical Centres and pharmacies throughout Switzerland.

Caviarlieri Limited

Caviarlieri Limited is committed to the development and creation of Anti-Aging Swiss Cellular Therapy products through significant investment in research and clinical studies. Caviarlieri is manufactured by Swiss Caps Inc (a USA-FDA approved and inspected facility) with cGMP certification. Certified and approved by the Swiss Public Health Authority, Caviarlieri complies with the BRC Global Standard for Food Safety. Caviarlieri is also certified by the German Sport University Cologne as a supplement free of steroids and stimulants.

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