Jul 17, 2020

Citizens Want Binding Plan for Phasing Out Animal Tests in E

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LONDON, July 17, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Almost three quarters of EU citizens think the European Union should set binding targets and deadlines to phase out animal testing, according to new polling data commissioned by Cruelty Free Europe. 70% of adults in EU countries also agree that enabling full replacement of animal testing with non-animal methods should be an EU priority.

In the poll undertaken by Savanta ComRes in June, 72% of respondents across 12 EU countries agreed the EU should set binding targets and deadlines to phase out animal tests[1].

At least three quarters of adults surveyed in Portugal (85%), Croatia (84%), Poland (80%), Romania (80%), Italy (79%), Germany (76%) and France (75%) agreed the EU should invest more in developing alternative methods to animal testing.

Despite over 90% of new drugs that appear safe and effective in animal tests failing in human trials, the most recent EU report on use of animals for research reveals 30 million animal experiments took place in Europe between 2015-2017. A Commission report on the implementation of Directive 2010/63/EU on protection of animals used for scientific purposes shows 12.60 million animals were bred for testing in 2017.

Our polling found:

  • 76% of adults in EU countries agree animal testing for household cleaning products should be banned in Europe
  • 74% agree that animal testing for cosmetics and ingredients is unacceptable in all circumstances
  • 66% agree the EU should immediately end all animal testing

With the EU promoting investment in building back better sustainable research and innovation after COVID-19, Cruelty Free Europe urges leaders to adopt a comprehensive plan to end reliance on outdated animal research and prioritise funding for human-relevant humane science, making the EU world-leader in animal-free research.

Dr Katy Taylor, Cruelty Free Europe Director of Science, says: "The EU needs a framework to incentivise new and modern non-animal approaches that will prove meaningful for protecting citizens and the environment, and foster innovation and growth. Targets and deadlines for phasing out unsustainable practices and replacing them with better ones exist across EU policies.

"Our polling shows the EU public wants animal testing to become a thing of the past. Now it's up to leaders to listen and form a plan to end cruel and unnecessary animal suffering in European laboratories for good."


1. Savanta ComRes interviewed 5653 adults (aged 18+) online from 9th June to 19th June from twelve EU countries (1223 in Germany, 1071 in France, 891 in Italy, 680 in Spain, 560 in Poland, 279 in Romania, 250 in the Netherlands, 174 in Belgium, 155 in the Czech Republic, 155 in Portugal, 108 in Denmark and 107 in Croatia). Data weighted representative of population size and demographically by age, gender and region. Savanta ComRes is a member of the British Polling Council. https://comresglobal.com/polls/cruelty-free-europe-animal-testing-in-the-eu/

Cruelty Free Europe is a network of animal protection groups working to end animal testing across Europe and beyond. www.crueltyfreeeurope.org

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