Jun 15, 2020

Clarion School Rolls Out Open-ended COVID-19 Compassionate D

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DUBAI, UAE, June 15, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Clarion School announced to existing and incoming parents that it will extend its compassionate discount program to all families in need of tuition relief.

As the economic impact of the COVID-19 continues to be felt, Clarion School has decided to extend their tuition relief into the future as long as parents are impacted.

Responding to calls for help from Clarion families, relief packages were put into place as soon as the crisis hit. The impact of COVID-19 on the economy is expected to last well into the future. Facing this, Clarion School is committed to offering this COVID-19 compassionate support as more than an immediate Term 3 tuition relief, and instead will continue relief into the next academic year and for as long as our parents need it.

"It's a great initiative of Clarion School Dubai and reflective of their social ethos. As a parent, I am happy to know that as long as parents are impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, they will always have the support of the school. As a Clarion Parent I also feel confident that my child is in good hands with all the support I have received from the teachers and administrators at the school during this distance learning phase. I look forward to next year and getting back to school." Dr. Anahita, a Grade 4 parent.

To date, no child has been removed from the distance learning program due to unpaid fees. The relief from the compassion discount aligns with the school's policy to make distance learning available to all currently enrolled Clarion children until the end of the school year regardless of payment status. Relief packages will extend into the next school year on an as needed basis.

"As a newly joining parent at Clarion School, having such future guidance is greatly valued. While I am not financially impacted by the pandemic during these uncertain times, it is reassuring to know that if my personal situation changes, I can access the compassionate discount anytime. I look forward to starting school in September." Francesca, K1 parent.

Clarion School is the leading progressive American school in the UAE and currently offers education for children from PK to Grade 5.

To learn more about Clarion school, please visit www.clarionschooldubai.com.

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