Aug 14, 2020

Digital healthcare adoption in the US grows by 200 per cent

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Leila Hawkins
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Digital healthcare adoption in the US grows by 200 per cent
Research shows changes in the way people interact with healthcare...

Recent analysis by healthcare technology company InfiniteMD has found that usage of digital health in the US has grown by 200 per cent over the last quarter. 

The recent analysis points to a departure from industry-wide reporting that has shown a steady downtick in telehealth usage since initially peaking in mid-April. InfiniteMD’s data illustrates that consultations steeply spiked in March and April, and have since held strong in May and June, even as many healthcare facilities began implementing their reopening plans. 

The top categories for second opinions included Oncology, Orthopedics, and Neurosurgery, which represent the deepening of a current trend. These specialty care use cases for virtual consultations have expanded to represent an even larger portion of overall cases.

Additionally, InfiniteMD found that in 40.9 per cent of virtual expert opinions, the average age of the patient was 57 years old and older — indicating that the baby boomer demographic is actively engaging with digital health. Some older patients are now being exposed to virtual consultations for the first time because of underlying conditions, and this could represent the beginning of an emerging trend beyond COVID-19.

“We are in the midst of a change in consumer behavior and the consumption of healthcare services that points to both positive and sustained utilization of digital health,” said Babak Movassaghi, PhD and CEO of InfiniteMD. 

“InfiniteMD is laser-focused on providing an outstanding consumer experience to every person that walks through our ‘virtual door’, and I feel this goes to supporting a new threshold in utilization as first-time users are trusting us to provide access to the highest-quality physicians and guidance on their healthcare concerns.”

InfiniteMD believes that the events in recent months have created more prudent patients that will continue to demand access to high-quality specialty physicians for their needs. The mindset has evolved, in part because of COVID-19, allowing for exposure to virtual specialty care teams for patients of all kinds who are embracing telehealth, especially for serious and complex conditions. 

“That expertise delivered virtually to patients is leading to better patient outcomes, during this current climate and, in my opinion, for the long term,” added Movassaghi.

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