Jan 15, 2021

Doceree launches point of care messaging platform

Point of care
messaging platform
Leila Hawkins
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Doceree launches point of care messaging platform
The platform enables pharmaceutical brands to reach physicians through secure messaging...

Doceree Inc., a global network of physician-only platforms for programmatic marketing, today announced the launch of the first programmatic platform in point of care messaging to bring efficiency and effectiveness in physician marketing.

The platform enables pharmaceutical brands to place relevant messages in systems where the physician is logged in to provide care to a patient in the most safe, secure and transparent way, ensuring a streamlined experience for both the patient and the provider, besides the highest quality of care for the patient. 

Point of care digital platforms, consisting of electronic health record (EHR), e-prescribing (eRX), telehealth and secure messaging platforms, face different communication barriers due to which they are unable to build a potential revenue stream out of the many messaging opportunities available. Pharmaceutical brands on the other hand struggle to engage physicians in a regulatory compliant manner. 

“Our mission is to streamline physician marketing, and point of care messaging platform is yet another attempt to achieve it. With our new launch, pharmaceutical brands can now partner with point of care platforms and target physicians through secure messaging" explains Harshit Jain MD, Founder and CEO of Doceree. 

"Our point of care platform is built to keep data secure, adheres to best practice guidelines, doesn’t tend to influence physicians and helps them save their time. It lets physicians seek helpful and meaningful information in a non-coercive manner.” 

Doceree's new network already has a reach of over 400,000 physicians through its platform partners and the company is consistently building the network further.

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