Jul 24, 2020

Ease on Stamp Duty Sees Boom in Buy-to-let Opportunities: In

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LIVERPOOL, England, July 24, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Since the announcement of the Stamp Duty change on the 8th of July 2020 in the United Kingdom, a mini housing boom has erupted. This boom has seen house prices rise to record highs with the demand for buy-to-let properties sky-rocketing.

Rightmove have said property inquiries have risen by 75% since the news was announced with many buyers wanting to take advantage of the tax holiday. The buy-to-let market has seen a rapid 25% increase. It is continuing a sequence of large foreign investment as well as being increasingly popular with families, first-time buyers and young professionals who were unable to buy, previously choosing to rent instead.

This demand for buy-to-let property has seen the care sector swell with investment since the start of 2020. The market is recovering at a rapid rate with now being the opportune time to invest into care home properties. As the care sector continues to overpower the leisure and hotel sector due to the care demand, homes being operational and the changes which enabled the government to plunge 600million of investment back into the care sector, investors who focused on those markets are seeking more dependable prospects to re-invest into which the healthcare sector provides.

Since the global coronavirus pandemic, priorities have shifted to long-term stable investment opportunities as people find themselves in now unstable situations across the world. The demand for excellent elderly care has risen dramatically and predictably over the last 5 years as the UK's population grows older as a benefit of advanced medical practices and better quality of life. At the beginning of 2020, care home investments had almost equalled the amount of investments made in the entirety of 2019.

The pandemic only increased this demand and Intercare are proud to continue to offer low-risk, high-return investment opportunities in their care homes. Intercare seek to provide the gold-standard in elderly care to families and patients who want peace of mind that their loved ones are properly taken care of when they need it most.

If one is looking for a high-return investment in a dependable, expanding sector then a care home investment is the perfect choice. Demand is high and while the market is currently booming with huge savings being made on Stamp Duty, re-investing that money for a guaranteed future return seems wise in the current climate.

About Intercare:

Intercare works with care homes across the UK. They specialise in ensuring businesses and organisations in the healthcare sector receive the maximum amount of fee income, efficiently and cost-effectively, while providing the very best and safest professional care.

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