Aug 21, 2020

Era Zero Waste is the first company in the DACH and Scandina

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BERLIN, Aug. 21, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- They piloted the concept with hand sanitizer in the EU and are now crowdfunding on kickstarter: to launch more products.

302 million tons of packaging waste are created yearly, according to the UN (UN, 2017). The pandemic contributed significantly to this trend. "This became visible in our filled up trash bins during quarantine," says Livia Zimermann, co-founder of Era Zero Waste.

At the same time, going packing-free has become a movement - more than 4500 zero-waste shops exist worldwide; in Germany the number grew 10 times since last year (Unverpackt e.V., 2020). People's concern about the trash issue is evident.

"I wanted to be more sustainable, but making my own personal care products or shopping packaging-free seemed so inconvenient. This inspired Era's mission: to make it easy for everyone to live zero-waste and make an impact," adds Livia.

  • Era Zero Waste is an e-commerce system which makes it possible to live with less waste – exit the world's plastic madness – without sacrificing convenience and product quality. 
  • The system is inspired by the German Pfandsystem and the old milkman model. Era's products are refilled at the customer's home, either by a bike refill station or carbon neutral mail. Consuming with Era Zero Waste is just like shopping online but with refillable packaging. This way, customers can make a positive impact on the world from the comforts of their couch. 
  • Starting with 6 ready-to-use, personal care products, consciously produced in Denmark following the highest standards of natural cosmetics. The bottles are made of plastic from ocean cleanups.

Compared with business-as-usual, circular economy solutions, such as Era Zero Waste, "Have the potential to reduce the annual volume of plastics entering our oceans by 80%, reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 25%, generate savings of USD 200 billion per year, and create 700,000 additional jobs by 2040". (Ellen MacArthur foundation, 2020)


Era Zero Waste is an e-commerce system to conveniently consume consumer goods without disposable packaging. Starting with our own brand of high-end sustainable personal care and cleaning products refilled at your doorstep in Europe, USA and Canada.

We are 3 female founders and a strong team of volunteers, based in Berlin. We're funded by the European Social Fund, Berlin Senate amongst others. 

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