Jun 24, 2020

Examination Prep School Operator, AzuriteStyle Co. Newly Dev

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YOKOHAMA, Japan, June 24, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Examination prep school operator, AzuriteStyle Co., Ltd. has developed a cool antibacterial face mask that enables nasal breathing. Due to the coronavirus epidemic, students have been wearing a variety of masks, and lecturers' concerns that "breathing difficulties were preventing sustained concentration" and that "poor quality meant declining brain functions" led to the development of this mask. "AzuriteStyle" is a completely original brand that prioritizes "Made in Japan" from planning to sewing. Overseas sales began on June 20 in 30 major countries, including educationally advanced countries in Europe and Asia, as well as in the U.S., which is highly attentive to nasal breathing.

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EC site URL: http://www.azurite-style.com

Disposable masks, made from stuffy materials, feature low oxygen permeability. Masks of various fabrics are sold, but most employ 3-dimensional designs that save labor and costs during manufacturing. However, AzuriteStyle has determined that 3-dimensional designs cannot create enough space to preserve nasal breathing. The company focused on creating a pleated design that guarantees an unoppressive breathing space with a long-lasting fit for any facial or nasal type. This original design not only takes more time and effort to create, but also makes it impossible to properly manufacture without precise technology. The AzuriteStyle mask also features carefully selected Japanese-made fabrics that do not deteriorate when washed.

As the mask will be worn during the hot summer, the company added a "cool-to-the-touch" feature. It carefully selected multi-functional fabrics with attributes including "antibacterial," "UV-cutting," "cool-to-the-touch," "water-absorbing and quick drying," "temperature rise-suppression effects," and "comfortable texture." The mask eliminates causes of rough skin stemming from stuffiness and bacterial growth. An organic type is also available for those with allergy-sensitive skin.

The mask also comes with a sheet that becomes cold to the touch just by wetting and shaking it. If the user inserts this sheet into the inner pocket, it cools the inside of the mask. The company's lineup of small, medium and large masks features sizes compatible with everyone from babies to adults.

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SOURCE AzuriteStyle Co., Ltd.

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