Jul 4, 2020

Focus Labs Debuts Their Revolutionary O3+Maqui(TM) Supplemen

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FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., July 3, 2020 /PR Newswire/ -- Focus Laboratories plans to expand the reach of their supplement sales, following a successful return from the historic all-virtual ECRM conference. The Efficient Collaborative Retail Marketing (ECRM) conference is an opportunity for established and emerging brands to meet with retailers in their field, in the hopes of having their products sold through some of the largest online and brick and mortar retailers in the United States.

May's program on Healthy Living, Vitamin, and Nutrition has been a stand-out event since social distancing procedures required the conference to be held entirely online. This sudden change in meeting format has done plenty to raise the value of brands who are able to adapt, and demonstrate significant tech-literacy, in what is being called the new age of business to business marketing.

Focus Labs showcased one of their premium products through a series of video conferences with prospective buyers in this novel and fast-paced presentation format, and their completely unique O3+Maqui™supplements have made an impact.

O3+Maqui™ supplements are comprised of a softgel capsule, filled with Omega-3 fish oil, and their signature ingredient, MaquiBright ®. MaquiBright ® is a derivative of the Maqui Berry, a revolutionary superfood that has been researched for its higher than average antioxidant content.

Maqui berries have been used in traditional medicine in their native Chile for centuries. They are considered to have a higher antioxidant count than known "superfoods" like blueberry and acai berry and are known for their beautiful purple pigment.

But perhaps the most unique aspect of Focus Labs' O3+Maqui™ supplements is it's made using a patented Unigel™ Technology, which combines a liquid supplement and powder tablet within one softgel. The visual appeal of this supplement is stunning; a translucent amber-colored softgel capsule, with a small purple sphere suspended in the liquid.

This Unigel™ technology allows for the precise combination of two different types of supplements, which would otherwise need to be taken separately, since they are each most effective in different states. Omega-3 fish oil is only able to maintain its bioavailability as an unoxidized liquid, and MaquiBright ® is most useful to the body in its powder form. Through this breakthrough in supplement technology, these two powerful nutrients are able to move through the body in tandem, utilizing both to their fullest potential.

Focus Labs' O3+Maqui™ brings a host of outstanding features to the table when it comes to meeting with retailers from across the United States, and after May's ECRM conference they are looking forward to a future of expansion online and in stores throughout 2020.

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