Jun 11, 2020

Healix International Launches 'COVID Travel Safe' Online Too

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Cutting edge technology combined with best in class medical and risk intelligence helps employers ensure highest levels of duty of care

LONDON, June 11, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- There is a clear imperative for business to re-open around the world. But for many organisations the big issue is how to keep employees safe and well while simultaneously resuming global operations and maintaining profitability. Tackling this issue, Healix International has developed COVID Travel Safe, an essential online risk assessment tool which evaluates the medical and logistical risks associated with each individual traveller and their proposed itinerary.

Healix International Chief Medical Officer, Dr Adrian Hyzler, explained: "We know that in this incredibly challenging time, all businesses need to be supported in resuming operations and providing an increased duty of care to their travellers. This tool allows any organisation to have the confidence to deploy employees safely and with the knowledge that those travelling do not pose a high medical risk of severe disease."

A comprehensive online assessment

The user answers a number of questions about their intended trip on the COVID Travel Safe platform alongside a COVID-19 specific medical questionnaire. The unique methodology, developed by industry leading medical and risk management experts, measures a range of sub-risk factors including pandemic trend and COVID testing access, as well as practical concerns such as travel bans and curfews.

Based on the traveller's unique profile and itinerary, the tool calculates a 'Risk Score' based on a traffic light system and delivers an instant, downloadable assessment of what risks, if any, they may face. Advice regarding any precautions necessary to mitigate these risks will be included should a traveller proceed with their intended trip.

Healix International's in-house medical and logistical risk teams can also carry out an enhanced personal assessment, providing customised advice on the associated risks, enabling the traveller and Risk Manager to make a more informed decision about the medical risks and the potential logistical complications of specific trips.

This layered approach provides the convenience of an easy-to-use online tool, seamlessly integrated with a tailored expert service.

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