Jul 19, 2020

IICMA Wishes Scoopful of Happiness on National Ice-cream Day

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AHMEDABAD, India, July 18, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- On the eve of National Ice- cream day, Indian Ice cream Manufacturer's Association (IICMA) wishes and hopes everyone celebrates this day by starting with their favourite ice cream and cheering up the day.



Ice cream can change most of our mood in seconds according to IICMA. There are countless flavours of ice creams, also multiple combinations of it and the most amazing thing is one can top it up with candy bits, chocolates, fruits, dry fruits etc, which in turn gives birth to many more new varieties and taste the association states. 

With the global pandemic of the Corona virus outbreak, some rumours are born out of the blue every day the company states . IICMA urges people to be cautious and safe.

According to IICMA, one of such false rumour doing rounds on the internet is "can corona be caused due to ice cream" or any frozen dessert, which has been clarified and confirmed that the ice cream is not responsible for causing COVID-19.



The IICMA urges that for all the people who have come across such myths, framed as facts, it is advised to check the statements, if any actual stats or official reports back them. The company fears that otherwise, it is just a false statement and should be brought to rest as early as possible. 

Also, Indian Ice cream Manufacturer's Association (IICMA) pleads not to fall for such information and compromise on your favourite ice cream. They hope that customers will gift themselves and loved one's a bowl of happiness frequently and especially on the occasion of National ice cream Day. Indian Ice cream Manufacturer's Association (IICMA) request's people to stay in home stay safe and stay cool.

And the ice-cream manufacturers who have not joined IICMA can join us now and become a part of our association.

About Indian Ice cream Manufacturer's Association (IICMA)

The Indian Ice cream Manufacturer's Association was founded in 2011 as the National Association of Ice cream manufacturers. It is a professional non-profit organization representing the ice cream and frozen desserts Industry in India.

Samrat A. Upadhyay, [email protected], 73833-54764, Secretary General, IICMA, Indian Ice cream Manufacturer's Association

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