May 21, 2020

INTELLiSTEM Announces the Launch of a New Antigen Identifica

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TORONTO, Jan. 15, 2020 /PRNewswire/ - INTELLiSTEM Technologies, an international biotechnology company revolutionizing cell therapy,  announces today the launch of IntelliPeptidomeTM, a novel Drug Discovery Platform for rapid and systematic identification of MHC/HLA bound peptide candidates for various clinical applications.

"Our Platform is based on the capacity of our IntelliCellsTM to break down antigens without their uncontrolled destruction, unlike dendritic cells, allowing for more stable peptide presentation to the immune system," said Dr. Riam Shammaa MD, Founder and CEO of INTELLiSTEM.

IntelliPeptidomeTM has three substantial advantages over conventional platforms:

  1. It can identify new immunogenic and/or abundant epitopes for the successful development of new mAbs.

  2. It allows for rapid and systematic screening and identification of functional ScFV.

  3. It can depict unheralded neoantigens as suitable targets for the design of novel CAR T cell products.

Major histocompatibility complexes (MHCs) are important core proteins required for the development of adaptive immunity. Their main function consists in displaying peptide fragments derived from processed proteins (antigens) on the cell surface to responding T cells. Characterizing antigens (immunopeptidome profiling) is paramount to generating tools for targeted anti-tumor therapies. IntelliStem, has developed a proprietary technology to provide efficient, cost-effective analysis   of   immunogenic peptides for the identification of neoantigens and potential immunogenic sequences.

With IntelliPeptidomeTM, Intellistem is launching its partnering program to work with a selective and distinctive CAR T cell companies in the field to target difficult solid tumors

"Unlike Hematological tumors, solid Tumors are very challenging. Targeting solid tumors using CAR T cells requires innovative solutions such as our IntelliPeptidomeTM platform, and strong partnerships to leverage our innovative technologies along with the know-how of like-minded partners in the field" said Shammaa.

To learn more about the Novel CAR T Cells Development Program go to

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