May 29, 2020

Jakarta-Based Home of Wellbeing Rumah Remedi Held #stayathom

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  • Regular meditation sessions were free of charge from mid of March until the end of April 2020.
  • By migrating the sessions from offline to online, Rumah Remedi managed to reach individuals residing in various places in Indonesia who needed help during the pandemic.

JAKARTA, Indonesia, May 29, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- In line with the government's stay-at-home order, Rumah Remedi decided to migrate all regular meditation sessions from offline to online. This is one of the ways to support their mission in sharing positive energy and kindness during the pandemic.

One of the leading programs of Remedi Indonesia as the parent company of Rumah Remedi is the Stress Release session that has been held every Tuesday since 2011. In this dharma session, the participants are encouraged to release any discomfort they experience with the help of two facilitators, with the objective to provide the participants with a new life skill that is useful in periods of stress.

Another regular session that could be accessed free of charge by the public was Wellbeing Wednesday. Held every Wednesday, this session has the objective to expose the limiting beliefs that prevent the participants from living to the fullest. There is also Circle of Trust session every Saturday; a safe circle in which participants can conveniently share their stories to help them feel relieved.

Remedi Indonesia is located in Bangka Raya, Kemang, South Jakarta and founded by Ferry Fibriandani (Founder, Corporate Coach & Advisor, Psychotherapist) and Siti Banu Intan (Co-Founder, Psychotherapist, Energy Psychology Practitioner) in 2011. As a home of wellbeing, Rumah Remedi offers various personal or corporate wellbeing and meditation programs aiming to maintain the harmony between the mind, heart, body and soul.

"Rumah Remedi held free sessions for 45 days to help everyone going through the discomforts during the uncertain COVID-19 virus pandemic. The decision of making them free was based on the consideration to empower more people through a life skill to release stress and preserve peace of mind. We have also been contacted by a group of journalists requesting us to elaborate on mindfulness and stress release techniques. It was a pleasure to share this with the media because it allowed us to reach more people on how important it was to maintain peace of mind by releasing unpleasant feelings and emotions," explained Ferry.

Offline-to-online migration to reach Indonesians with Internet access who needed assistance in balancing their mind, body and soul during the #stayathome period was proven to be effective. There was an increase in the number of participants, coming from different places in Indonesia, starting from Bali, Yogyakarta, Surabaya, Semarang, Balikpapan, Samarinda, to Purwokerto. There was even a participant living in Switzerland. Prior to this, Rumah Remedi only reached those residing in Jakarta, Depok, Tangerang and Bekasi. "This condition yielded a significant increase in the number of participants, if compared to the offline activities before the pandemic," said Ferry on the increase in the number of participants.

There were companies who needed stress release sessions, as their employees were not accustomed to performing office tasks from home. According to Ferry, they also shared the knowledge on mindfulness and stress release to corporations and government institutions, with the intention to empower every individual through the necessary life skill that allow them to adapt with myriads of changes occurring in numerous aspects of life as an impact of the pandemic.

In addition to these regular programs, Rumah Remedi tried to reach more individuals on the importance of self-care and self-love through an episode on their podcast channel Selaras Dalam Nafas (Harmony in the Breath) called "21 Hari Damai (21 Days Peacefulness Invitation)". "After following the audio guidance in this podcast episode for 21 days, the listener may end up gaining the new habit and life skill to navigate a mindful life," said Ferry at the end of the conversation.

After a period of free regular sessions, Rumah Remedi also held a live program entitled THR Cinta or Tips Harian Remedians Penuh Cinta (Daily Remedians Tips with Love) that could be accessed by the public on Instagram. The program discussed a variety of topics everyday and was hosted by Junior Facilitators hailing from different backgrounds. Through this program, the audience was also invited to participate in the fundraising that was channeled to those in needs, especially people who were badly impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

About Remedi Indonesia

We are a company in service of integrated personal and corporate Wellbeing. As many people's Wellbeing is out of balance today, we come to offer our assistance to realign Wellbeing through our programs such as workshops, corporate training, employee assistance program, meditations, sharing sessions, group/private sessions (coaching, counseling, psychotherapy), social activities as well as foods and drinks, to bring people into living their optimal self; healthy mind, heart, body and spirit.

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