Sep 15, 2020

MCR Labs Scientist To Offer Insights In Microbiological Test

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FRAMINGHAM, Mass., Sept. 14, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- MCR Labs scientist and microbiology specialist, Michael Esposito, will reframe the discussion and hopes to reshape the cannabis testing industry with a presentation that highlights differences and outlines the benefits of multiple accepted methods used to analyze cannabis products for microbiological contaminations.

"What's different about microbiological screening from other analyses is that we're targeting a wide variety of highly dissimilar living organisms," said Esposito, "so there's not really a one-size-fits-all method and different approaches have different advantages."

Due to the lack of national testing standards for cannabis, most labs determine their analytical methods based on what their state's specific regulations require, and for microbiological screening, the options include some form of genetic testing to detect organisms by DNA or a cultured media technique that looks for colonies of organisms that could spread. In his presentation, "Methods for Detection and Enumeration of Microbiological Pathogens in Cannabis and Cannabis Infused Products," Esposito will explain the differences between quantitative and qualitative approaches and elaborate on the unique value each method offers in different scenarios seen when screening cannabis for microorganisms.

"It's critical that we detect pathogenic targets like Salmonella and E. Coli, but highly specific methods best for identifying these aren't well suited for targeting the broad range of bacteria, yeasts, and mold," said Esposito, "which is why utilizing multiple approaches is often the safest bet for reducing uncertainty and confirming results." Esposito hopes presenting this idea to industry stakeholders will encourage labs to adopt procedures that create even greater safety for cannabis consumers nationwide.

MCR Labs currently employs both culture-based as well as gene-based assays, and Esposito is working to expand MCR Labs' capacity to offer multiple advanced microbiological testing options. Those interested in learning more can watch the presentations online during The NECANN Online virtual conference on Sept. 16 and The Analytical Cannabis Expo East Online on Oct. 6. More info about these events can be found at and

About MCR Labs: MCR Labs is the first independent cannabis testing laboratory to be certified by the state of Massachusetts. We are ISO-17025 accredited providers of analytical cannabis product testing and R&D services to licensed marijuana establishments, patients, researchers, home growers, and entrepreneurs. Our team of chemists and pharmaceutical scientists are dedicated to advancing public health and safety through leading-edge chemical analysis of cannabis products and offering unparalleled and support for partners, regulators, and the community we serve. For more information visit

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