Aug 11, 2020

Noted Veterinarian Dr. Suresh Jagdale Gears up to contest up

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Committed to Protection, Empowerment and Welfare of Veterinarians

MUMBAI, India, Aug. 11, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- On August 20, as the Veterinary Council of India (VCI), a statutory body that regulates the veterinary practice in India, goes in for its governing body annual election, Dr Suresh Jagdale (PhD in Animal Nutrition), an independent candidate, contesting at Sr. No. 23, is committed to Protection, Empowerment and Welfare of every veterinary professional in India.

Dr. Jagdale, shares his vision for the future of Indian Veterinarian Professionals.

When asked, what motivated him to contest for the VCI elections, Dr. Jagdale said, "Though the Veterinarian field has been plagued with several issues for decades; not much has been done about it. I believe it's about time that the professions fight for their rights and welfare of the veterinarians and I was urged by my colleagues to become their voice and bring about structural changes to alter the future of this profession."

What are the most important issues that he would address after getting elected in the VCI? Dr. Jagdale added, "First and foremost, I believe that the veterinary doctors should be included in the 'Medical Doctors Protection Act'. In addition, veterinarians in the private sector need proper recognition in sectors such as dairy, poultry, farming and pharma amongst others and be extended free legal advice by the VCI for vetero-legal matters for redressal of their grievances."

A crusader at heart, Dr. Jagdale has long term plans for increasing the income of the Veterinarians. Immediately after induction into the VCI, he plans to introduce two proposals; 1) a proposal for similar pay scale across India; 2) a proposal recommending that government veterinarians and academicians be paid Non-Practicing Allowance.

Though Indian Medical Professionals are recognised world-wide, Veterinarians are yet to achieve the same level of success. To ensure that the professionals get international exposure, Dr. Jagdale recommends renaming the BVSc & AH degrees so that the professionals can explore opportunities abroad and ensure that the students get teaching, research and clinical facilities at par with the global standards.

Another issue that Dr. Jagdale would like to address is about the research in the veterinarian profession, he would urge the Council to not just form, Indian Council of Veterinary Research and increase in budget allocation towards veterinary science, but also fight for the appointment of Veterinarians in Zoos, Sanctuaries, Rescue Centres, Wildlife Training/Research Centres and setting up of region-wise Zoonotic Research Laboratories.

And last but not the least, when structural changes to the Veterinary Council of India as a governing body, make the right foundation for all the other proposed changes.

A strong believer in the democratic structure of the institution, upon getting elected, Dr. Jagdale would demand several changes to the VCI such as; 75% members of the VCI body should be elected and not selected, introducing women's reservation in the Council for higher diversity, zone-wise decentralisation of VCI sub-bodies for better functioning, and finally, state/zone-wise allotment of seats depending on the voter population for even distribution of functional power.

It certainly is apt when, Dr. Jagdale (Serial No 23) says that this is not an election but a selection of a leader with a vision, academic acumen and social awareness who can take up cudgels on behalf of his colleagues and uplift this noble yet neglected profession.

About Dr. Suresh Jagdale:

Dr Suresh Jagdale currently serves as a Subject Matter Expert in Animal Nutrition at one of India's most prestigious institutes, the Mumbai Veterinary College. A recipient of received accolades for academic excellence, Dr. Jagdale has also been active in humanitarian operations during tsunami and flood relief work across the country.

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