Jul 4, 2020

O3+Maqui(TM) Supplements From Focus Labs Are Now Available T

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FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., July 3, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Focus Laboratories expands their business, making their one of a kind O3+Maqui™ supplements available for purchase through Amazon.com. Focus Labs started in 2005 intending to create products geared towards promoting better ocular health. Focus Labs has since pioneered their own unique supplement, O3+Maqui™ which has generated a buzz in the world of supplemental nutrition since it arrived on the market.

O3+Maqui™ is notable not only for its premium ingredients, but also for its design, both functionally and aesthetically. O3+Maqui™ comes in the form of a softgel capsule with a twist. O3+Maqui's Unigel™ Technology allows them to combine the potency of a liquid supplement with the strength of a powder tablet supplement. O3+Maqui™ starts as a liquid softgel filled with Omega-3 fish oil, known for its role in human ocular health and maintenance, but suspended within the liquid is a sphere of the powdered tablet supplement, MaquiBright ®.

MaquiBright ® is the purified form of Maqui Berry extract, which is heavily researched as a potent antioxidant, and for its effect on human tear production, an essential part of ocular health. Maqui Berry is often compared to similar superfoods like blueberry and acai berry, but its antioxidant content far exceeds both supplements by an impressive two to three times potency.

This vitamin composition, though beautiful in its presentation, is more form than function, allowing for each of the two unique nutrients to be absorbed in the way that it is most useful to the body. Understanding how both MaquiBright ® and Omega3 fish oil is best processed after ingestion is a vital part of creating supplements that work the way they're intended to.

Selling through Amazon brings new opportunities for Focus Labs, not only as a means to directly sell more products through one of the largest retailers in the world, but also as a tool for building a viewable foundation of reviews for their products. Now, with supplement sales moving primarily to e-commerce platforms, adaptation to the online marketplace is key to any health and wellness company looking to survive in the future of retail.

Focus Labs has an overall strong sense of tech-literacy and has made their presence known in the world of e-commerce. This bodes well for the up-and-coming company as today in the United States over 77% of all supplement sales take place online, with giants like Amazon and Walmart dominating the market. Amazon alone rakes in over two-thirds of all online supplement sales, meaning that maintaining product listings through their platform is a must.

Focus Labs now has products for sale online through their own website, as well as through Amazon.com, with plans to expand their e-commerce business, reaching more customers as early as 2020.

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