Jul 17, 2020

PerfectPrime Unleashes World's First Handheld Thermal Camera

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HONG KONG, July 17, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- The world is facing a never before seen crisis which has cost economies billions of dollars and affected an unprecedented number of lives. The coronavirus has forced people to stay home and out of work at its peak but businesses are now slowly opening up as the pandemic dies down. Almost all the companies are now implementing new temperature monitoring systems to screen each individual before they are allowed to enter. This normally includes a device that can measure a person's temperature such as a non contact infrared thermometer or thermal systems. PerfectPrime has launched an unparalleled new handheld thermal camera for this very purpose.

The IR0280H has been tuned for accurately detecting feverish temperatures in a non disruptive way. The difference between the IR0280H and other handheld cameras is the extremely high accuracy level at an impressive 0.3 degree Celsius (0.6 degree Fahrenheit) and without the need for blackbody radiation. Users can instantly detect for elevated temperatures with minimum set up, space and time and maintains high accuracy at 2.5 meters away.

Additional key advantages in this thermal camera include:

  1. Engineered and calibrated for human use
  2. Can be mounted onto a tripod stand
  3. Alarm system
  4. Extremely fast scan

This thermal camera is a pandemic prevention solution for businesses opening up again and want to keep their staff and customer safe through instant and mass early detection. 

The IR0280H handheld Thermal Imaging Camera for elevated human body temperature is now available for purchase globally directly on the PerfectPrime website.

About PerfectPrime

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