Mar 5, 2020

Rem Brands, Inc. Addresses COVID-19

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WALTON, Ky., March 4, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Rem Brands, Inc...

WALTON, Ky., March 4, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Rem Brands, Inc. has successfully created an antimicrobial to use against human coronavirus.

Accredited third-party lab testing shows Sanitrol®, Rem Brands' unique patented technology, significantly reduces human coronavirus by 99.99% in one minute. Additionally, Sanitrol® has shown to have 14-day efficacy as a dry protective barrier against clinical strains of microbes including those that cause HospitalAcquired Infections (HAIs). Sanitrol® is a revolutionary breakthrough in Prophylactic Antimicrobial Technology.

"The disinfectant market has long been searching for this, and we felt the social responsibility to find a novel antimicrobial with the effectiveness of bleach," said Dr. David Schneider, CEO, Rem Brands, Inc. "Our technology can be used as a wet disinfectant or as a prophylactic, antimicrobial agent while lasting for many days dried on surfaces. Unlike other antimicrobials that stop microbe reduction after drying, Sanitrol® leaves a residual protective barrier."

Sanitrol® antimicrobial research shows reduction-rates of bacteria and viruses that are directly comparable to bleach, peroxide and alcohol-quaternary ammonium without the negative side effects. Its barrier handles more than 99% of Clostridium difficile spores within a 24-hour period and more than 99.9% reduction of numerous bacteria in 30 minutes. A microbiology study by Northern Kentucky University dried Sanitrol® on surfaces for 14 days and then introduced Staph aureus. and Pseudomonas aeruginosa; results showed significant reductions to the bacteria. 

"We believe this is the next generation of antimicrobials. Sanitrol® will help reduce HAIs while extending the life of fragile antibiotics," said Dr. Schneider. "With its low toxicity profile, Sanitrol® will give both businesses and consumers peace of mind. Independent testing shows it to be non-toxic, non-sensitizing to skin, non-irritating to eyes and biodegradable. Simply apply to nearly all surfaces without adversely affecting them."

Sanitrol® is a registered trademark of Rem Brands, Inc. For more information about the technology and how to partner with Rem, visit its website.

About Rem: Rem Brands, Inc. is a prolific technology incubator of innovative, high performance patented chemistries and proprietary formulas that deliver superior results in disinfection, odor control, and stain removal. It has completed extensive third-party testing of its technology on the reduction and elimination of common bacteria as well as microbes that lead to Hospital-Acquired Infections.

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