Aug 28, 2020

Testicular pain may be caused by spinal disease, says study

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HONG KONG, Aug. 28, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- About 4.8% of men visited their urologist with chronic testicular pain. As testicular pain comes from muscle, joint, or nerve issues that cannot easily be identified, a new study, led by  Eric Chu, chairman of Chiropractic Doctors Association of Hong Kong, suggests that the testicular pain could be caused by spinal degeneration. Researchers at the New York Medical Group have found that spinal manipulation could cause changes in chronic testicular pain and improve quality of life.

Degenerative disease of the lumbar spine is often ignored as a potential cause of testicular pain because the relationship between the two is unclear. This research reports the case of a security guard suffereing from lower back pain and right testicular pain for 2 years. One day he suddenly had severe pain in the right sciatic pain. For nearly 2 years, he had received urology treatment, facet joint injection, and exercise therapy, none of which provided substantial or lasting relief. 

The patient sought chiropractic treatment for his pain symptoms. Lumbar spine magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) was indicative of disc protrusion and scatica. Due to the absence of direct testicular causes, the medical diagnosis was chronic testicular pain (CTP) complicated by lumbar disc disease. The patient had steady improvement in his lower back and testicular pain on the first week of chiropractic treatment, and with complete resolution of both after 8 weeks of care. 

Chronic testicular pain has multifactorial etiology and this research describes a successful treatment option for patients. Unsuccessful diagnosis of testicular pain often leads to years of psychological depression and possible surgical failure. An excellent treatment outcome depends heavily on recognizing the origin of the pain.

Many studies have found significant efficacy of manipulative therapies for alleviating testicular pain of spinal origin. "Recognition of pain referral patterns and appropriate intervention are essential for the management of testicular pain," said the leading author Eric Chu, chairman of Chiropractic Doctors Association of Hong Kong.

Reference: American Journal of Men's Health 
Chiropractic Doctors Association of Hong Kong

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