May 17, 2020

Adlib hires John Hanrahan as principal, Life Sciences Practice

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Adlib hires John Hanrahan as principal, Life Sciences Practice
Adlib has appointed John Hanrahan as the Principal, Life Sciences Practice. Pennsylvania-based Hanrahan will be responsible for directing the life scie...

Adlib has appointed John Hanrahan as the Principal,  Life Sciences Practice. Pennsylvania-based Hanrahan will be responsible for directing the life sciences practice at Adlib to further expand the company’s present stronghold for document transformation and rendering in the Life Sciences and healthcare markets.

Mr. John has over 20 years of experience as a team builder and technical evangelist, specializing in solutions and best practices for the life sciences industry, including all aspects of pharmaceutical and biotech industries.

John holds an MBA in Pharmaceutical Business from University of the Sciences, the first pharmaceutical college in North America, Philadelphia College of Pharmacy, and the same school attended by founding pharmaceutical giants such as Eli Lilly, Rorer, Warner-Lambert, McNeingl, Burroughs and Wyeth.

Before joining Adlib, he spent 14 years with EMC/Documentum, where he worked with customers to create Life Sciences solutions aimed to increase the efficiency across the entire product life cycle from the drug discovery to regulation submissions and commercialization.

Hanrahan said, “I’m pleased to join Adlib, which produces the industry de facto standard for creating departmental publishing solutions that are submission-ready.” He also said, “I’m eagerly anticipating working with our clients as we create a new and enhanced publishing solution for Life Sciences. I also look forward to working with our many partners such as CSC, Dassault, EMC, InfoTehna, Innovocommerce, LORENZ, Microsoft, NextDocs, OpenText, MasterControl, and Qumas, to further complement their solutions as we jointly deliver greater value to our clients.”

Adlib helps the life sciences industry improve profitability by reducing time to market and decrease the cost inherent in regulatory publishing.  

Its submission-ready PDF renditions eliminate the time-consuming and error-prone PDF rendering that is prevalent in medical device and pharmaceutical companies.

 Peter Duff, President and CEO of Adlib said, “John Hanrahan’s extensive industry experience and impressive reputation are well known throughout the Life Sciences community. Mr. Duff also said, “We have enjoyed great success with many tier one life sciences organizations, such as assisting Roche Diagnostics product lifecycle to meet FDA (21 CFR Part 11) with Adlib and Microsoft SharePoint integration for automated PDF rendering and publishing. We are relying on John Hanrahan’s direction to continue our dominance of the document-to-PDF industry, and to grow our business within document-intensive life sciences organizations.”

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Jul 16, 2021

Vuram launches automated app to track COVID-19 supplies

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Vuram launches automated app to track COVID-19 supplies
Vuram's Trackable app uses automation to monitor COVID-19 essential supplies in real time

A new app that tracks COVID-19 supplies in real time time has launched. 

Built by hyper-automation services company Vuram, Trackable can monitor the progress of vaccines, oxygen cylinders, PPE, and masks as they move through the supply chain. 

The app's features include street view to facilitate coordination between drivers, and trained facial recognition software powered by Microsoft Azure to ensure goods are only handled by authorised personnel. 

Other functions include: 
 * Demand management for inventories, to prioritise deliveries using automation
 * Demand analysis to predict sales trends based on stock levels
 * Offline multilingual feature for drivers
 * A dashboard to see the status and location of drivers
 * Insights on how products are performing in real-time 

The team at Vuram built Trackable as part of the Appian World 2021 Online Hackathon, where participants can take their ideas for innovative software and create a custom app. The tracking app went on to win the contest. 

“Custom component building is at the heart of this application, and we focussed on making them more creative to provide an improved user experience" said Santosh Kumar, co-developer of Trackable.

"We are happy that we have managed to make it to the top in just a month. On behalf of Vuram, I thank the Appian Hackathon team for their efforts in conducting the event, and my hearty congratulations to all the winners." 

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