May 17, 2020

Less toxic, healthier cigarettes created by scientists

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Scientists have created 'healthier' cigarettes
A group of scientists from America have come up with what they are calling less toxic and healthier cigarettes. The team from Cornell University in New...

A group of scientists from America have come up with what they are calling less toxic and healthier cigarettes.

The team from Cornell University in New York have fortified cigarette filters in such a way that reduces the amount of toxins and cancerous chemicals that pass through them into the body.

A study found that after they added natural ingredients with antioxidant properties to the filter – namely grape seed extract and lycopene – the number of cancer causing properties and chemicals that are produced from cigarettes are significantly reduced.

However, the scientists said the safest and healthiest path for smokers to follow is still kicking the habit altogether.

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Despite this advice, there are hopes that the discovery could lead to the production of healthier cigarette filters and assist people in their quest to give up smoking.

Lycopene, one of the ingredients used in the revolutionary filters, is the name for the vivid red pigment that can be found in red fruits and vegetables, such as tomatoes, papayas and watermelons.

Although this is not the first investigation that has looked at making cigarettes healthier, the additives and components that have previously been identified at making them less toxic were haemoglobin and activated carbon.

Both these ingredients are fairly expensive and although they can reduce the number of free radicals in cigarettes by up to 90 percent, no company has spent the money required to take them to a commercial stage.

However, the ingredients added to the filters by the Cornell team are much more affordable.

Dr. Boris Dzilkovski, one of the authors of the study’s report, said: “The implications of this technique can help reduce the hazardous effects of tobacco smoke because free radicals are a major group of carcinogens.”

The results of the study have been published in the Journal of Visualized Experiments (JoVE) and the Content Director of the publication, Dr. Aaron Kolski-Andreaco, is confident the research could see healthier cigarettes emerge on the tobacco market.

He said: “Practically, this research could lead to an alternative type of cigarette filter with a free radical scavenging additive.

“It could lead to a less harmful cigarette,” he added.

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Jul 16, 2021

Vuram launches automated app to track COVID-19 supplies

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Vuram launches automated app to track COVID-19 supplies
Vuram's Trackable app uses automation to monitor COVID-19 essential supplies in real time

A new app that tracks COVID-19 supplies in real time time has launched. 

Built by hyper-automation services company Vuram, Trackable can monitor the progress of vaccines, oxygen cylinders, PPE, and masks as they move through the supply chain. 

The app's features include street view to facilitate coordination between drivers, and trained facial recognition software powered by Microsoft Azure to ensure goods are only handled by authorised personnel. 

Other functions include: 
 * Demand management for inventories, to prioritise deliveries using automation
 * Demand analysis to predict sales trends based on stock levels
 * Offline multilingual feature for drivers
 * A dashboard to see the status and location of drivers
 * Insights on how products are performing in real-time 

The team at Vuram built Trackable as part of the Appian World 2021 Online Hackathon, where participants can take their ideas for innovative software and create a custom app. The tracking app went on to win the contest. 

“Custom component building is at the heart of this application, and we focussed on making them more creative to provide an improved user experience" said Santosh Kumar, co-developer of Trackable.

"We are happy that we have managed to make it to the top in just a month. On behalf of Vuram, I thank the Appian Hackathon team for their efforts in conducting the event, and my hearty congratulations to all the winners." 

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