May 17, 2020

Pioneering personalised preventative medicine

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Although longer life expectancy has increased steadily since the 70s, it has resulted in the global predominance of non-communicable diseases as both t...

Although longer life expectancy has increased steadily since the 70s, it has resulted in the global predominance of non-communicable diseases as both the leading cause of death, and of disease burden. Cardiovascular disease causes approximately one third of all deaths in the UK and is responsible for a fifth of all hospital admissions. Diabetes affects up to three million people in the UK and there are a further million people unaware they are living with the condition. According to the British Liver Trust, liver disease is now the fifth largest cause of death and affects the health and wellbeing of many thousands more. Leading health authorities, such as the World Health Organisation, all identify the interaction of various genetic, environmental and especially lifestyle factors – such as smoking, alcohol abuse, unhealthy diets and physical inactivity – as major risk factors.

However, the majority of these conditions can be avoided if detected early enough and managed with lifestyle adjustments or medical intervention. While the concept of prevention in healthcare is not new, there are a number of technologies set to produce a new world of personalised preventative medicine.

Leading the way is Randox Health Checks, a provider of the most comprehensive blood diagnostic screening service available on the worldwide market with up to 250 individual tests. These screenings use biochip protein array technology to detect biomarkers of a range of diseases and conditions long before symptoms occur. This cutting-edge technology was developed by parent company, Randox Laboratories, which brings 30 years of scientific heritage and innovation in high-quality diagnostic solutions.

Biochip array technology is an immunoassay testing platform that allows the simultaneous multi-analyte testing of a panel of related tests. This means that multiple tests can be carried out quickly and effectively on a single blood sample. Each biochip contains an array of discrete test regions which contain immobilised capture antibodies specific to different analytes. It combines a panel of related tests on a single biochip with a single set of reagents, controls and calibrators.

In recognition of the growing demand for personalised preventative medicine by businesses and consumers, Randox Health Checks was launched in 2010, with its first clinic in Northern Ireland and a second clinic, as of last month, in London. Customers select their own screening package, their samples are analysed and the results presented in an in-depth report. Patients then have the option to discuss their results with a clinical scientist. Armed with detailed information about their current and future health, patients are then empowered to make the decision to seek necessary medical intervention or make positive lifestyle changes.

An overview of Randox Health Checks:

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Jul 16, 2021

Vuram launches automated app to track COVID-19 supplies

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Vuram launches automated app to track COVID-19 supplies
Vuram's Trackable app uses automation to monitor COVID-19 essential supplies in real time

A new app that tracks COVID-19 supplies in real time time has launched. 

Built by hyper-automation services company Vuram, Trackable can monitor the progress of vaccines, oxygen cylinders, PPE, and masks as they move through the supply chain. 

The app's features include street view to facilitate coordination between drivers, and trained facial recognition software powered by Microsoft Azure to ensure goods are only handled by authorised personnel. 

Other functions include: 
 * Demand management for inventories, to prioritise deliveries using automation
 * Demand analysis to predict sales trends based on stock levels
 * Offline multilingual feature for drivers
 * A dashboard to see the status and location of drivers
 * Insights on how products are performing in real-time 

The team at Vuram built Trackable as part of the Appian World 2021 Online Hackathon, where participants can take their ideas for innovative software and create a custom app. The tracking app went on to win the contest. 

“Custom component building is at the heart of this application, and we focussed on making them more creative to provide an improved user experience" said Santosh Kumar, co-developer of Trackable.

"We are happy that we have managed to make it to the top in just a month. On behalf of Vuram, I thank the Appian Hackathon team for their efforts in conducting the event, and my hearty congratulations to all the winners." 

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