May 17, 2020

Study says strokes in young age group is on the rise

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Study says strokes in young age group is on the rise
Study has found that strokes in young people are rising and one in five victims is now below the age of 55.The study followed 1.3 million people in the...

Study has found that strokes in young people are rising and one in five victims is now below the age of 55. The study followed 1.3 million people in the U.S. region and those experiencing stroke in 2005 were in this age group, up from 13% in 1993. The stroke association said that the findings were alarming.

“The reasons for this trend could be a rise in risk factors like diabetes, obesity and high cholesterol,” said, Report Author, Dr Brett Kissela.  

The study also looked at people over the age of 20 in greater Cincinnati and North Kentucky over three periods in 1993, 1999 and 2005.

 In the UK, there has been 40% reduction in the number of people having major strokes over the past 20 years.

The fall in the numbers has been partly on account of improvement in prevention, combined with an increase in healthy living public awareness.

Dr. David Werring, a Neurologist from University College London said, “Stroke is usually considered a disease of older people, but this study reminds us that young people are also affected.”  “It is possible that the changes in how stroke is detected during the study could explain some of the increase.”

Dr. Clare Walton from the Stroke Association said, “With the number of young people having strokes increasing, greater strain will be placed on health services to support them with their recovery.” “This problem needs to be addressed now. In many cases, a stroke can be prevented and everyone can reduce their risk by making a few simple healthy lifestyle changes," he adds.

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Jul 16, 2021

Vuram launches automated app to track COVID-19 supplies

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Vuram launches automated app to track COVID-19 supplies
Vuram's Trackable app uses automation to monitor COVID-19 essential supplies in real time

A new app that tracks COVID-19 supplies in real time time has launched. 

Built by hyper-automation services company Vuram, Trackable can monitor the progress of vaccines, oxygen cylinders, PPE, and masks as they move through the supply chain. 

The app's features include street view to facilitate coordination between drivers, and trained facial recognition software powered by Microsoft Azure to ensure goods are only handled by authorised personnel. 

Other functions include: 
 * Demand management for inventories, to prioritise deliveries using automation
 * Demand analysis to predict sales trends based on stock levels
 * Offline multilingual feature for drivers
 * A dashboard to see the status and location of drivers
 * Insights on how products are performing in real-time 

The team at Vuram built Trackable as part of the Appian World 2021 Online Hackathon, where participants can take their ideas for innovative software and create a custom app. The tracking app went on to win the contest. 

“Custom component building is at the heart of this application, and we focussed on making them more creative to provide an improved user experience" said Santosh Kumar, co-developer of Trackable.

"We are happy that we have managed to make it to the top in just a month. On behalf of Vuram, I thank the Appian Hackathon team for their efforts in conducting the event, and my hearty congratulations to all the winners." 

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