May 17, 2020

Flex partners with Google, launches BrightInsight

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Ahead of the Healthcare Information & Management Systems Society (HIMSS), manufacturer Flex has announced its partnership with Google Cloud, and sub...

Ahead of the Healthcare Information & Management Systems Society (HIMSS), manufacturer Flex has announced its partnership with Google Cloud, and subsequent launch of BrightInsight.

A healthtech solution developed to provide drug and device data, BrightInsight will produce real-time insights. Built on a Google Cloud Platform, it enables customers to continually improve patient outcomes.

Set to be showcased at HIMSS, the technology has been developed with a robust Quality Management System that is designed for ISO 13485 and HIPAA compliance. Flex is also applying for HITRUST certification.

The McKinsey Global Institute estimates that applying big-data strategies to better inform healthcare-related decision making could generate up to $100bn in value annually across the US healthcare system.

Medical devices collect massive amounts of data, creating enormous potential for a rapid feedback loop that can help improve patient care and enhance drug therapy delivery and management. However, in order to make an impact, the data needs to be aggregated from a myriad of apps and stand-alone devices, as well as analysed to provide actionable insights.

BrightInsight works to solve such challenges and helps patients and health care professionals to better understand medical device usage and medication adherence and streamline the product development and certification process.

"We saw the need for a secure cloud platform designed to support highly-regulated connected drug delivery and medical devices, going beyond simple connectivity to deliver real-time intelligence and actionable insights," explained Kal Patel, MD, Senior Vice President of Digital Health for Flex.

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"With our 20 years of experience operating in global regulated medical environments and having deployed more than 75 regulated hardware and software medical products, Flex can combine our cross-industry capabilities to simplify our customers' digital transformation."

By collaborating with Google Cloud, Flex will gain the ability to deliver insights through customisable analytics dashboards fuelled by the company’s advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities.

Selected as a result of its exceptional track record for data security, Google’s Cloud Platform will enable BrightInsight to successfully securely store, analyse and gain insights from health information, without pharmaceutical and medical technology customers having to manage the underlying infrastructure. Advanced use may include controlling connected devices, drug dosing, decision support, personalised patient interventions, trend analysis and AI-driven insights.

"With a partner like Flex, we will enable our customers to develop innovative solutions and leverage machine learning-based analytics that can turn new data sets from wearables, medical devices, therapies and apps into actionable information for patients and providers," explained Gregory Moore, MD, PhD, Vice President, Healthcare, Google Cloud.

BrightInsight is designed to support CE-marked and FDA-regulated Class I, II and III medical devices, combination products and Software as a Medical Device requirements, enabling automated interventions. Deployed as a managed service, the BrightInsight platform allows pharmaceutical and medical technology companies to accelerate their time to market, reduce the cost of implementation and maintenance across multiple products, and scale for global markets.

Featuring foundational capabilities for rapid development and a modular platform architecture to support customisation and worldwide implementation, BrightInsight is built to securely manage highly regulated medical device data and personal health information.

Flex has put processes in place to monitor security and threat prevention to meet global compliance standards, where BrightInsight eliminates regulatory bottlenecks that can lead to costly delays by offering turnkey regulatory design control and file management of master files with the FDA. This service enables pharmaceutical and medical technology companies to focus on their drug, device or combination product submissions without the burden of documenting the software platform.

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Jul 23, 2021

Microsoft launches Tech for Social Impact for elderly care

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Microsoft launches Tech for Social Impact for elderly care
Microsoft's programme will make innovative tech accessible to non profits in the elderly care sector around the world

Microsoft Tech for Social Impact, the tech giant's division offering tools for non profit organisations, has announced it is expanding to include aged care non profits around the world. 

This means that non profit organisations helping elderly residents in nursing homes or with other daily support will now be eligible for technology grants and discounts of up to 75%, as well as training and capacity building to help with digital transformation. 

The care home sector has been one of the hardest hit by the COVID-19 pandemic, caring for some of the most vulnerable people in society. As a result organisations around the world have been deploying innovative technologies, such as IoT to create monitoring solutions that enable independent living, through to AI-driven robots that provide companionship as well as alert the user's care team if there are any changes to their symptoms. 

The German Red Cross (DRK) is an early adopter that is already benefitting from this programme expansion as part of Microsoft Tech for Social's pilot scheme.  DRK provides services and assistance to over 40,000 people at more than 500 aged care facilities in Germany, with a further 90,000 receiving care in their own homes. 

Thanks to Microsoft 365 cloud technologies such as SharePoint and OneDrive, along with Teams for communication, DRK was able to continue its daily work even at the height of the pandemic crisis. Residents of DRK facilities used Teams to keep in touch with relatives despite restrictions to visits, and there are plans to continue using these channels in the future to prevent isolation among residents. 

Following the pilot’s success, the programme will offer discounts and grants to eligible organisations for its Microsoft cloud stack including Business Applications, Azure and Modern Work,  leveraging the firm's sector-specific tools with Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofit which will be generally available in the second half of 2021.

Microsoft estimate that around 75,000 new non profit organisations around the world will be eligible for the programme. 

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