May 17, 2020

Samsung Partners With GSMA Bringing mHealth To Africa

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At a recent forum held in Johannesburg, South Africa, Samsung announced that it has joined the GSMA initiative Mobile for Development mHealth in bringin...

At a recent forum held in Johannesburg, South Africa, Samsung announced that it has joined the GSMA initiative Mobile for Development mHealth in bringing mobile technology to 15.5 million pregnant women and mothers of young infant children.  

The new cross-ecosystem partnership is designed to pay particular attention to nutrition across Sub-Saharan Africa, focusing on the improvement of livelihoods. An integral part of the United Nations “Every Woman Every Child Strategy,” the program will reach those who require access to healthcare services the most.

The Mobile for Development mHealth program has also attracted partners such as Gemalto, Hello Doctor, Lifesaver, Mobenzi, Mobilium, MTN, and Omega Diagnostics.

Proud to be one of the founding partners in the initiative, Thabiet Allie, head of content and services at Samsung Electronics Africa, stated during the forum, “It is a vital initiative that fits perfectly with our approach to forming strategic relationships that provide socially relevant solutions to the needs of our customers.”

“As the leading mobile device brand on the continent, Samsung is able to leverage the affinity which consumers already have for our brand and use it to add impetus to the goal of providing much needed access to healthcare information to people who need it most”, added Allie.

“The companies in this partnership are working to deliver the objectives of the United Nations Every Women Every Child Global Strategy, as well as the Global Nutrition for Growth Compact, in the areas of nutrition and maternal and child health. We call on mobile ecosystem players, health providers, governments, NGOs, civil society and others to work with us to launch life-saving mobile health services,” said Tom Phillips, chief regulatory officer, GSMA.

The program will be introduced in two phases, with the first being launched in Ivory Coast, Ghana, Nigeria, Rwanda, South Africa, Uganda and Zambia from September 2014. The second phase will commence in 2015 and will incorporate additional partners and services while addressing Kenya, Malawi, Mozambique and Tanzania.

Samsung’s partnership will reduce barriers to handset ownership and connectivity for consumers and health workers by offering discounted Samsung handsets and tablets; provide access to the Samsung ecosystem; and pre-embed a Smart Health application that provides a range of professional applications, information and services on 80 million Samsung handsets.  

Africa has long been affected by the information gap caused by geographical distances, leaving millions of African women and children at a loss when it comes to medical advice and care, but with mobile bridges, that can soon come to change.  


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Jun 16, 2021

NHS opens 8 clinical trial sites to assess cancer treatment

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NHS and OncoHost to launch clinical trials analysing cancer patients response to immunotherapy

The UK's National Health Service (NHS) is opening eight clinical trial sites to assess patients' responses to personalised cancer therapy. 

The trials will analyse how patients diagnosed with advanced melanoma or non-small cell lung cancer respond to immunotherapy, to help predict their response to treatment.  They will be hosted at Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust facilities. 

Immunotherapy helps the body's own immune system fight cancer, but while it has achieved good results for some cancer patients, it is not successful for everyone. Finding ways to predict which people will respond to the treatment is a major area of research.

OncoHost, an oncology startup,  will provide advanced machine learning technology to develop personalised strategies aiming to improve the success rate of the cancer therapy. The trials will contribute to OncoHost’s ongoing PROPHETIC study, which uses the company’s host response profiling platform, PROphet®

“Immunotherapy has achieved excellent results in certain situations for several cancers, allowing patients to achieve longer control of their cancer with maintained quality of life and longer survival,” said Dr David Farrugia, Consultant Medical Oncologist at NHS, and chief investigator of all eight NHS clinical trial sites.

“However, success with immunotherapy is not guaranteed in every patient, so this PROPHETIC study is seeking to identify changes in proteins circulating in the blood which may help doctors to choose the best treatment for each patient." 

"I am excited that Gloucestershire Oncology Centre and its research department have this opportunity to contribute to this growing field of research and I am determined that our centre will make a leading national contribution in patient recruitment.”

Previous studies in the US and Israel have shown that PROphet® has high accuracy in predicting how patients with cancer will respond to various therapies.

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