May 17, 2020

Specialty pharma co deploys Semantelli's AETracker TM

multibillion specialty pharmaceutical company
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Specialty pharma co deploys Semantelli’s AETracker TM
Semantelli Corporation said that a global, multibillion specialty pharmaceutical company has deployed Semantellis AETracker TM to detect and manage the...

Semantelli Corporation said that a global, multibillion specialty pharmaceutical company has deployed Semantelli’s AETracker TM to detect and manage the adverse events and product complaints generated in the company sponsored mobile applications.

Siva Nadarajah,  CEO of Semantelli Corp said,  “We are really excited about this development in the mhealth sector. By deploying Semantelli,  companies are starting to ensure sponsored mobile applications are compliant from pharmacovigilance perspective.”

Mr. Siva also said, “There are thousands of mobile health applications available on smart phones and tablets. The majority of them are not even in the sponsor’s pharmacovigilance radar . We  feel  all of these applications require monitoring on an ongoing basis.” 

There are about 13,000 health applications for consumers on iTunes and Google Play and only 100 of them are approved by FDA, states the news reports. 

According to Microsoft Founder Bill Gates, the mobile devices are expected to provide health care to more than 500 million people by 2015. It will also improve immunization programmes and also offer cheap diagnostic tools to fight many of the world’s diseases.

 In August 2011, Semantelli introduced AETracker to assist the pharmaceutical companies monitor and manage the adverse events reported on company owned Facebook pages.   

AETracker helps the pharmaceutical companies  monitor and respond to potential adverse events, product complaints, and off-label comments  on company sponsored social media and mobile applications. 

Semantelli is a leader in Semantic based enterprise listening solutions for global life sciences industry. The companies use Semantelli’s compliance sensitive solutions to monitor social media, web, and  internal unstructured data sources to find previously unknown early warnings,  threats and opportunities. 

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