May 17, 2020 partner spotlight: 3M and key player, Jon Lindekugel
Jon Lindekugel
Amber Donovan-Stevens
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As part of our in-depth look at, we take a closer look at partner 3Mand its former Senior Vice President Operations, Jon Lindekugel.

3M’s Digit...

As part of our in-depth look at, we take a closer look at partner 3M and its former Senior Vice President Operations, Jon Lindekugel.

3M’s Digital Transformation

3M is a mechanical and industrial engineering company that has been around for over 100 years. A science-based technology company, it commits itself to improving lives across the world by ensuring its key values: honesty, integrity and the ability to work as part of a team. It has been listed as a World's Most Ethical Company for three consecutive years. 

In 2018, it first announced a multi-year agreement with in order to support the company's digital transformation, starting with predictive healthcare and supply chain analytics in order to assist in the global expansion of the company. 3M uses the C3 platform to develop and deploy AI-based applications, which starts with predictive healthcare and supply chain analytics and expanding additional lines of businesses worldwide. The aim was to enable 3M to better serve customers with even more agility and efficiency. was selected as 3M’s Digital Connected Products partner following an extensive process that reviewed over 350 platforms and validated the maturity, scalability and extensibility of’s platform as a service.

“ has an exciting vision‚ proven technology‚ and demonstrated customer success across industries‚ making them a great partner for implementing 3M’s digital transformation initiatives‚” said H.C. Shin‚ 3M vice chair and executive vice president. “With tangible business results from the initial predictive healthcare and supply chain analytics applications‚ we plan on scaling the and Azure solution across our enterprise. In this way‚ 3M is combining data science into material science‚ transforming how we design and deliver products and better serve our customers.”

“3M is a true innovator igniting digital transformation across their enterprise‚” said Ed Abbo‚ president and CTO‚ “3M’s ability to apply the sciences of big data‚ predictive analytics‚ AI‚ and IoT to transform business operations and create customer value will drive the organization as a leader far into the 21st century. We look forward to working with 3M to bring their vision to reality.”

Jon Lindekugel on the partnership

Lindekugel has been a prominent figure in the American multinational conglomerate for an impressive 31 years, positioning himself as a key figure in the company’s supply chain. He started off with the company in 2003 as the Manufacturing Director. He quickly ascended through the ranks as Business Director, to Senior Vice President of Business Development to Senior Vice President, Business Development and Marketing-Sales in 2015. Lindekugel became Senior Vice President of Operations in October 2016 and retired from the company at the start of 2020.

Jon Lindekugel, 3M: Customer Clip from C3 on Vimeo.

[Jon Lindekugel on 3M’s partnership with Credit:]

"We really have high expectations from our digital transformation efforts,” says Lindekugel. “On the one hand it's very much about dollars and ROI, but on the other we are really focused on customer satisfaction.”

“[The partnership with] was a great cultural fit [based] around curiosity and collaboration and the teams really work extraordinarily well together. That was one of the key features that we found in C3's organisation that attracted us to it, but also the basic approach of them really teaching us how to fish for ourselves and the initial training to get our team up and running and able to operate on our own is really in the end is what is going to make us successful.” The future is now 

Founded in 2009 by Chairman and CEO, Thomas M. Siebel, is a software company that has assisted in optimising cybersecurity through the leverage of AI, Big Data and IoT for a number of big names, including Baker Hughes and Royal Dutch Shell. Dan Jeavons, General Manager for Data Science, Royal Dutch Shell, said of the company: "The combination of our data science expertise and the software development expertise that brings is really powerful."

Applications built by

C3 predictive maintenance

C3 inventory organisation

C3 energy management

C3 anti-money laundering

C3 sensor health

C3 fraud detection

C3 supply network


Headquartered in Redwood City, California, United States, has ranked in the world’s best cloud companies for three consecutive years (2017-2019).


To find out more about’s enterprise AI services for the manufacturing industry, and discover more testimonials, head over to the website.

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May 19, 2021

Vaccine rollout spurring dark net activity, McAfee finds

2 min
Research by McAfee has found illegal sales of fake COVID-19 vaccines and tests on the dark net

A report by security software company McAfee has found a huge rise in the availability and demand for illegal COVID-19 vaccines. 

The research by McAfee Advanced Threat Research found evidence that COVID-19 vaccines are currently available on at least a dozen dark net marketplaces. Vaccines allegedly made by Pfizer-BioNTech are being sold for $600 to $2,500 per dose, with vendors using channels such as Wickr, Telegram, WhatsApp and Gmail to advertise and communicate. 

Some of the supposed vaccines are imported from the US, while others are packed in the UK and shipped all over the world, according to the listings.

Moderna vaccines, potentially fraudulent antibody tests and fake vaccine cards are also being increasingly sold on the dark web, on at least 10 different underground markets. 

Anne An, senior security researcher at McAfee’s Advanced Programs Group, told us that with the increased global demand for COVID-19 vaccinations, the demand for illegal vaccines, fake test results and vaccination record cards has also grown. "Consumers who are buying these items pose a serious threat to public health and spur the underground economy" she said. 

"Opportunistic cybercriminals capitalise on public interest in obtaining a COVID-19 immunity passport. These bad actors can also benefit by reselling the names, dates of birth, home addresses, contact details and other personally indefinable information of their customers." 

As well as cyber security measures, An says education is necessary to stem the rise in these illegal sales. "Dark net selling of illegal COVID-19 vaccinations, fake test results and vaccination record cards is both a cybersecurity issue and an educational issue.

"On the one hand, channels being used as a means of business have the responsibility to monitor and mitigate cybercriminal activity on their platforms. On the other, the ongoing efforts of government and medical officials to provide factual information on COVID-19 and vaccinations is critical to discouraging the demand for fraudulent alternatives."  

Read McAfee's report Fool’s Gold”: Questionable Vaccines, Bogus Results, and Forged Cards

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