Feb 16, 2016

The top 10 healthcare companies on social media

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Top 10 healthcare companies on social media
Since it is such a regulated industry, the majority of healthcare organizations have avoided the realm of

Since it is such a regulated industry, the majority of healthcare organizations have avoided the realm of social media.

However, some healthcare providers are now starting to realize the opportunities to build awareness and promote their brand all while still serving the public, patients and physicians.

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Many consumers in today’s digital age use social media platforms to make important health decisions, such as selecting their doctor, hospital and different types of treatment available.

Although social media helps healthcare professionals to communicate and improve health outcomes, the legal and risks of non-compliance with rules and regulations have skyrocketed as the industry begins to embrace it.

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Below is the list of the top healthcare companies on social media, which originally appeared in the January issue of Healthcare Global.

10. Merck & Co.

Since launching its social media accounts on Twitter and Facebook in 2011, Merck has used social media as a way to reshape its image. In addition, the company’s segment-targeted “Merck for Mothers” Facebook and Twitter pages have sparked much more conversation in recent years.

9. Johnson & Johnson

With a corporate site that has over 650,000 Facebook fans focusing heavily on mothers and children, as well as areas it has prescription drug therapies such as asthma and teenage depression. In addition, J&J has used social media well during crisis management situations during its product recalls.

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A cause-based non-profit, Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) provides thought leadership, community building, professional development, public policy and events to it social media followers. It also keeps industry analysts informed of the best uses of health IT to improve global health.

7. Bayer Healthcare

With over 75,000 Twitter followers, Bayer Healthcare has generated interest through adopting a fresh strategic approach. Many of its tweets revolve around promotion and awareness days, which Bayer also markets its annual Grants4Apps healthcare incubator program on both Twitter and Vine.

6. Cleveland Clinic

The Clinic’s content-driven social media strategy has proven to be successful across the full spectrum of online platforms. With over 553,000 Twitter followers, the company strives to find a way to become a meaningful part of people’s everyday lives even when they aren’t sick or need healthcare service. Cleveland Clinic approaches it as if it’s a part of consumer’s lives when healthy, people will consider going to it when they need care.

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5. American Medical Association

The AMA promotes the art and science of medicine and the betterment of public health. It’s goal is to improve the health of the nation, enhance the delivery of care and enable physicians and health teams to partner with patients to achieve better health for all. With over 560,000 Twitter followers, the AMA regularly promotes events and links to inform citizens of the latest healthcare news.

4. Novartis

With very active accounts on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, Novartis is among the fastest-growing companies on social media. The pharma company uses different Twitter tactics to engage consumers, such as interviews conducted on Twitter dubbed “twitterviews,” as well as “tweetchats.”

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3. Boehringer Ingelheim

Despite having a smaller-than-average community, pharmaceutical company Boehringer Ingelheim excels on social media behind a small group of loyal retweeters. With a social media strategy that is broad and engaged, Boehringer is exceptionally active on Pintrest, Vine and Instagram. Its social networks are also featured on the company’s home page and are cross-linked with one another. In addition, Boehringer is the first pharma company to fully engage with social media and the concept of digital health.

2. Philips Healthcare

After facing concerns that it wasn’t being seen by its peers as a leader in healthcare innovation, Philips Healthcare set out to increase the credibility of its products through a series of LinkedIn groups. Through high-quality debates as well as polls and other engagement features, Philips attracted over 73,000 followers to its group. Also, by actively managing and promoting its LinkedIn company page, Philips has lured over 250,000 company subscribers. With new status updates every few days, this has caused a constant flow of engagement and new subscribers.

1.Mayo Clinic

The Mayo Clinic has been able to leverage and enhance its reputation as a trusted source of information through its large online presence and expansive social media platforms. The company created the Mayo Clinic Center for Social Media in 2010 to coordinate and focus the clinic’s several social media programs and initiatives. The company uses social media to get patients to become better advocates for their own care.

Mayo Clinic’s social media philosophy is individuals have the right and responsibility to advocate for their own health, and it is the company’s responsibility to help them use social media tools to get the best information, connect with providers and with each other, and inspire healthy choices.

Behind strong brand recognition, putting social media at the forefront of its mission, understanding the importance of social media engagement, support from its leadership as well as a love for innovation, the Mayo Clinic is the top healthcare company on social media.

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