May 18, 2012

Top 10 Healthcare Devices

Top 10
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1. iBGStar The iBGStar is the first gadget of its kind; a portable glucose monitor which attaches to an iPhone or iPod To...

1. iBGStar

The iBGStar is the first gadget of its kind; a portable glucose monitor which attaches to an iPhone or iPod Touch to enable users to manage, monitor and control their diabetes on-the-go.

iBGStar plugs into the bottom of an Apple device and the technology is based on commonly-used BGMs (blood glucose monitors) which prick the finger to draw blood. It also comes with a free Diabetes Manager app which can track and analyse the patient’s glucose levels.

It shows trends and variations in blood sugar levels, along with information such as the user’s intake of carbohydrates, the amount of exercise they have done and the frequency of their insulin injections. Using their iPhone or iPod, they can then share the data with their doctor.

iBGStar is also availablein countries across Europe, including France, Germany, Spain, Italy, The Netherlands, Switzerland and the UK.

2. Nike+ FuelBand

Packaged as a stylish wristband, the Nike+ FuelBand monitors the user’s daily activity and translates each movement into ‘Nike Fuel’. Users set a Daily Goal as to how much Nike Fuel they want to earn and their progress displays on the wristband throughout the day. It also shows how many calories they have burned.

3. Zombies, Run!

Although it is one of thousands of health and fitness smartphone apps, the concept of Zombies, Run! undoubtedly makes it the coolest and it is a firm favourite with jogging addicts. You are transported to a post-apocalyptic world and are given instructions to run in real life to escape from blood-thirsty zombies.

4. Xbox Kinect

Xbox’s answer to the Wii Fit, the Kinect is more advanced than its rival; it is able to detect the user’s 3D body movements hence there is no need for a hand-held controller. It also takes health a little further than the Wii Fit as it can track heart rate and the number of calories burned.

5. Nintendo Wii Fit

Nintendo’s Wii Fit was the first gadget that turned gaming into a feasible method of exercise. Since then, the enhanced Wii Fit Plus has been released and Wii games that focus solely on exercise, such as Zumba and Just Dance, are incredibly popular all over the world, offering users the comfort of at-home workouts.

6. Jawbone’s UP

There was a lot of interest in Jawbone’s first foray into the health and wellness market when it released its ‘UP’ healthy living wristband in November 2011. The wristband comes with an accompanying iPhone app and together the two are able to track the wearer’s eating and sleeping habits along with they’re activity levels.

7. Hydracoach Intelligent Water Bottle

Probably the most technical water bottle on the planet, this gadget ensures people drink enough water to keep themselves sufficiently hydrated during exercise. It reminds people when to drink, monitors how much water they consume and advises them on how much they should be drinking based on their weight and the amount of exercise they do.

8. Talking Dumbbells

Talking dumbbells are like having a personal trainer with you during every workout, offering motivation and encouragement just as you start to feel your workout burning. Out loud they count the number of repetitions you have done and afterwards they can relay the number of lifts per minute and the number of calories burned.

9. iHealth Blood Pressure Dock

This is the first-ever blood pressure monitoring system for Apple’s iPhone, iPad and iPad Touch. In addition to the blood pressure dock it also comes with an accompanying app which allows users to track their blood pressure and analyses their results using interactive graphs, statistics and classifications from the World Health Organisation.

10. Nightwave Sleep Assistant

The Nightwave Sleep Assistant is the gadget alternative to a sleeping tablet. It shines a soft, pulsating blue light onto the ceiling which users should try and synchronise their breathing to when they are in bed. Gradually the pulsating light slows down and the Nightwave turns itself off just as the user falls to sleep.

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