Sep 18, 2020

Top 10 major healthcare research projects

Leila Hawkins
4 min
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Top 10 major healthcare research projects
Coronavirus research...

Efforts to combat COVID-19, including both a vaccine and testing methods may well be the most heavily researched field of healthcare right now. Scientists around the globe have worked tirelessly all year to analyse the genomic sequencing of Sars-Cov-2, how it affects the human body and how it can be treated. We now know there are two types of test that involve taking a swab sample, but faster, more accurate tests are in constant development. Scientists are also working on antibody tests to determine levels of immunity in people who have had COVID-19, and mostly, on the vaccine that could help populations get back to normal. News of when this will be ready keeps changing, but we do know that there 170 teams of researchers working on immunisation, 9 of which are in the final stage of clinical testing before approval. 

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