May 19, 2020

Top 10 World's Largest Hospitals

Leigh Manning
6 min
Vienna General Hospital - Austria
Vienna General Hospital - Austria

The Vienna General Hospital is the general hospital of the city of Vienna, Austria. It is also the city's university hospital, and the site of the Medical University of Vienna.

The origins of the hospital date back to Dr. Johann Franckh, who donated properties in 1686 after the end of the second Siege of Vienna. The building of the new AKH commenced in the summer of 1964; the total construction costs are equivalent, in 2004 values, to approximately 4.5 billion euro against an original budget of 72.67 million euro.

Currently, about 9,000 people are employed at the AKH. Of these, approximately 1,600 physicians and 4,500 allied health and nursing workers attend to patients. Annually, nearly 95,000 people are treated as inpatients, and another half a million attend the hospital's 384 outpatient clinics. Over 11,000 students are registered at the Medical University of Vienna.

Staff: 9,000

Beds: 2,189


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