May 19, 2020

Demo Video: How Watson Explorer Can Help Your Business

Bizclik Editor
Watson Oncology uses Watson Explorer's technology. Watch this 3-minute video to learn how Watson Explorer combines cloud-based enterprise search and advanced analytics with unique cognitive computing capabilities to connect data across silos. Watson Explorer connects all your data to provide a unified view of critical insights, in context, across industries and roles. By fully leveraging Watson’s ability to mine both structured and unstructured data, Explorer helps employees, across teams, make better business decisions, scale human expertise, drive ROI and remain competitive in a data-driven marketplace. Users can find and understand the information they need, whenever they need it. Watson Explorer delivers all of these capabilities at the scale and speed required by today’s ever-increasing data volumes, all while maintaining the security and reliability demanded by global enterprises. If you want to explore how much time, money and resources you can save with Watson Explorer, try our Value Calculator today at

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